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AI hiring to flying taxis: smart ideas light up Pitch Fest in Mumbai

The ultimate showdown of startups at TechSparks Mumbai saw cutting-edge solutions such as air taxis, diagnostics devices for pets, and AI-based hiring solutions.

Sayan Sen

Pooja Malik

AI hiring to flying taxis: smart ideas light up Pitch Fest in Mumbai

Saturday March 02, 2024 , 3 min Read

The latest edition of YourStory's Pitch Fest saw startups trying to solve transportation problems with hyperloop infrastructure, commercial electric vehicles, and flying electric taxis. The ultimate showdown of startups also saw cutting-edge solutions such as diagnostics devices for pets and AI-based hiring solutions.

The fourth edition of Pitch Fest took place at the bustling financial capital of Mumbai during YourStory's flagship tech-startup event TechSparks 2024.

The startups were evaluated by a panel of experienced founders and investors including Shalini Chhabra, MD at 3i Partners; Yagnesh Sanghrajka, Founder & CFO at 100X.VC; and Manisha Raisinghani, Founder of SiftHub.

The jury's choice was Speed loop Auto, which creates three-wheeler commercial EVs with a front-loading storage area, aiming to provide rider comfort and address driver safety issues.

The audience too voted for their favourites through the Accomplice app and picked Quintrans as the winner. Quintrans is India's first private hyperloop company taking on traffic congestion and long-distance travel with its vision of an 11,000-km hyperloop tube network.

Here are the startups that pitched their ideas at TechSparks Mumbai.

Expertia AI

Founded in 2020 by Kanishk Shukla and Akshay Gugnai, Bengaluru-based Expertia AI shortlists candidates for interviewing. Its Virtual Recruiter allows recruiters to publish jobs on over 25 sites, such as Google for Jobs, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. It screens candidates to find the top 10 applicants for tech jobs. The algorithm identifies hidden skills in resumes, mines the web for professional data, and projects career paths for applicants.

Speedloop Auto

Pune-based Speedloop Auto, founded in 2020 by Gayatri Jadhav and Aditya Puppala, makes cargo electric vehicles with a front loading design. Traditional bikes, when overloaded, become unsafe and difficult to ride. Speedloop says its three-wheeler commercial EVs can carry up to 250 kg without compromising on ride safety or comfort.


Founded in 2021, Pune-based Quintrans Hyperloop specialises in proprietary tube structures, on-track propulsion and levitation mechanisms, and vehicle engineering, for hyperloop transport. It focuses on cost-effective designs and indigenous proofs-of-concept to help reduce fixed costs associated with hyperloop implementation.

Vetinstant Healthcare

Founded in 2023 by Vani Aiyer and Vivek Srinivas Paravastu, Chennai-based Vetinstant healthcare is a software that allows pet practitioners to connect with pet parents and caregivers, expand their clientele, and monetise their expertise through personalised online consultations.

It strives to streamline workflow with efficient appointment management, online access to medical records, and digital business data integration, allowing practitioners to control their schedule and rates, putting their practice on the fast track.

Sarla Aviation

Founded in 2023 by Rakesh Gaonkar, Adiran Schmidt, and Shivam Chauhan, Bengaluru-based Sarla Aviation makes vertical electric take-off and landing aircrafts to cut through traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions. It aims to make aerial ride-sharing as affordable as Uber and Ola rides.

Edited by Swetha Kannan