Kuldeep Sharma

Kuldeep Sharma is the Best Selling Author, Immigration Consultant, Foreign Exam Advisor, Columnist, Content Writer, Key-note Speaker and Successful Educator.

He is the Best selling author of three books namely Treasure of IELTS Academic, Treasure of IELTS Academic Task 1 and Speaking, Threshold of Task 2.

He has been nominated as the best author under top 35 authors category in India. He has also worked as a Junior Scientist. Now, he is an author on more than 15 various digital media platforms such as YouthKiAwaaz, Yourstory, Medium, Wattpad, NotionPress, AirTract, UrbanPro, Penguin, Underlined, IELTSIQ, Tumblr, Quora, HubPages, Untold Arena and many more. He always stands with those, who need his help. He is a motivational speaker, and he always finds his huge attachment with youngsters. He has written more than 2 lakh words in the writing domain. He is well known IELTS, PTE, CELPIP Trainer as well as advisor for foreign universities. He is self made person, believe mere in Hard-work and patience. His aim is to bring change, growth and to make young people to unlock their potential for their better future. Readers can easily understand or relate his articles, because he elucidates his experiences through his words. He writes articles mostly about life, experience, youth, struggle, life, relation, women and so on.

You can contact him for listed services below:

• For an IELTS related query

• For PTE related


• For immigration work such as filing process with 100 percent success rate

• For resume crafting

• For letter of Recommendation crafting

• For statement of Purpose

• For study Visa/ work Visa/ tourist Visa

• For embassy related information

• For content Writing

• For assistance in making thesis of your Master's degree and Ph.d.

• For assistance in paper publishing

• For digital Marketing

• For website and App development

• For personality development

and many more services for the people.