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Modernisation Is All About Conserving Natural Resources And Saving Environment

Save Environment, Save life

Modernisation Is All About Conserving Natural Resources And Saving Environment

Thursday January 31, 2019,

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We don’t give importance to the priceless resources such as water, minerals and so on, that we get from our nature; we are wasting them ruthlessly. The impacts of this callous attitude are now visible on our lives on earth in the form of temperature rise, water scarcity, ozone depletion etc. In order to fulfil our greed, we have damaged our environment to an irreparable extent. It will take a huge time to recover this wonderful environment, whether it is cutting of trees or wasting huge water in place of using less and so on. In some way or the other, we people have changed the shape of an environment in a very drastic way.

However, now there seems crisis on human life on account of shortage of water, where people are having ramifications to even get water for fulfilling their basic needs. Borewells have died and no water in rivers, dams have a nominal amount of water. Now, in such a situation, people are having devastating time, but still, they are not thinking that if they will keep on going in such a way, then more alarming consequences, humankind may face. If we talk about ancient era, that time people adopted themselves with the environment, they were fulfilling all their needs from environment and living wonderfully. However, with the growth of industries and human greed, everything has been changed in a very short span of time.

We people call ourselves modern but do we really have a right to call ourselves modern?

Why do we think that people of ancient era were not modern?

We can’t call ourselves modern because to be modern is not about damaging our nature or living in dazzling surrounding. It is all about conserving and saving every bit of mother earth which is used to happen earlier. We can call ourselves modern in terms of technology but what is the use of technology, which is damging our environment.

People, awake and save environment for your future generation, so that they could also take fresh air rather artificial air, which might come if things will go in the same way.

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