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Believe in yourself, Success will do come

My journey,which gave me many experiences.

Believe in yourself, Success will do come

Thursday February 14, 2019,

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I am very simple human being and aspire to do something big in my life.

I have my own philosophy—”Hame jindagi ek baar milti hai, hame kuch aisa karna chahiye ki log hamesha yaad rakhe (We get only one life, we should do something path-breaking and unprecedented so that people remember us)”.

Furthermore, I believe that humans can do anything. Nothing is a pipe-dream, because everything is possible if you work hard. Trust me, I don’t believe in ‘soft work’!

No one in my family has any professional degree or is working in any company. Therefore, for me, everything was new. I never cared about people laughing at me. Rather, I learnt from my experience, so that future generations don’t have to face what I did. I believe in a process of observing and learning, rather than cursing fate.

All my friends have wealthy backgrounds and don’t lack resources. When I used to tell them what I wanted to do, they sometimes used to ignore me—they all used to think of me as boring, as someone talking non-sense. They also, somewhere, doubted my caliber and potential. Sometimes, they thought I’d gone mad!

At that age where youngsters talk about girlfriends and boyfriends, I used to talk about serious issues. I had no interest in the words “girlfriend” and “boyfriend”. I think, as a result, I became very sensible and matured on account of the responsibilities and experiences life gave me. I had a dream for my family and parents. I wanted to make my family financially stable, rather than crave for something else.

Whenever you do something creative, people laugh at you and mock you. When you try to improve yourself, others may have disdain for you. Today, I am the only graduate in my family, doing my Master’s degree. Furthermore, I have already published eight papers, made machines for companies, worked four good jobs, qualified IELTS exam, and got accepted to Germany with 100% scholarship. Currently, I’m running my own news portal. In addition to all this, I have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I have already started working on my idea, and, hopefully, in the next couple of years, I will execute it.

I don’t care about people whether they praise me or not. I am just moving at my pace and upgrading myself day by day. I could have told you about my struggles and problems, but I feel that everyone faces same problems when they want to achieve something.

I learnt that one should keep telling themselves one thing: “I WILL NEVER GIVE UP.” Always say to yourself: “NEVER GIVE UP

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