Dr.Chirag Jain
Dr Chirag Jain (Neuroplastician) has been practicing as a Surgical Consultant and doing Minor surgeries since last 10 years. He is the founder and Executive Director of Mindful Gurukul He has also formulated the laws of neuroplasticity (lawsofneuroplasticity)collaborating the finding and research of various scientist in the field of Neurophysics and Neuroplasticity and hypothesized his own theories based on the findings. He has been working on a research program with estimation of stress levels of Indian school going children and its impact on their learning. He has also been associated in a research program on homeschooling children and their neurochemical changes. He along with his team has designed the 4R strategy to make an impact on guiding people to overcome their shortcomings and redefine their skills. His vast experience in the field of meditation and self Hypnosis over 20 years has helped in creating a link between the neuroscience and benefits from mindfulness. He has trained more than 1000 school going kids and 500 adults with his 4R strategy and has documented great improvement in their behavior and problem solving. He has authored an article in International surgery on NonFunctioning Adrenocortical carcinoma. He is in the Honorary advisory panel of Early childhood Association a not for profit association. He is in the board of Honorary Advisors of Times Pharma an online Medico Pharma journal. He has also been felicitated with International award "Star of Asia" and National award "Jewel Of India" for his contributions to the field of medicine and mindfulness.