Gautam Mohanka

Gautam Mohanka, Managing Director, Gautam Solar, is an entrepreneur and innovator at heart. A Marwari with an intense passion for Product development, Gautam started assisting his father, BK Mohanka, in the business, when he was just 14 years of age.  Gautam joined the company in the year 2002, soon after completing his MBA from MDI Gurgaon, having prior graduated from Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in Economics (Hons.) A techno-commercial expert, he gives the company a strategic direction, whether it is related to product development, innovation, or addressing the pain points of the customers. An astute businessman with solar industry experience of more than 20 years behind his back, Gautam has a knack for spotting market opportunities and coming up with innovative, paradigm-shifting ideas & products.  During his time as the MD, he has brought several new products to the table and has served as a consultant for a lot of technical issues at the senior government level. He has earned a formidable reputation for his deep knowledge of the industry and is considered a technical guru for all things solar.  Under his able leadership, the organization’s turnover grew from 1 crore in 2002 to 200 crores in 2020. He attributes this success to continuous innovation to launch new products that address the pain points of the customers. Instead of aping the west, he has designed products that fulfill the needs of the Indian customers and has manufactured these products in India.  He has designed a unique business model – a vertically integrated solar manufacturing company that designs all the solar components in its own factories. With a fiery passion for product development, he manages to launch a complete product set every 5 years.   In his spare time, Gautam imagines and innovates new products that can be developed to address the common problems people face. For instance, when pollution was wreaking havoc in Delhi, he created an Air purifier at home with his kids. During the Covid-19 lockdown, he developed an Ultraviolet Disinfector and material was placed inside it before usage to kill all the viruses that might get latched on to everyday objects. He enjoys reading business books and magazines – especially those that talk at length about innovations in other industries. He admires Steve Jobs for his focus on product innovation and ability to bring about a change in so many industries. Gautam dreams of making the organization more sustainable and works tirelessly to make Gautam Solar a household name. He wants India to become a world leader in solar off-grid technology & become an exporter to the world, as currently, India is the only country that is both a manufacturer and user of these solar products.