Ishit Bhavsar

I am Ishit Bhavsar, a passionate technocrat with an inner drive to add value to everything I do. Backed by 8+ years of aligned experience, I currently work as a Digital Marketing Strategist at Radixweb. My day-to-day tasks include managing digital marketing campaigns to support and add to the growth of my company’s service and product set. With deep knowledge of the finer nuances of digital marketing and a finger on the pulse of upcoming trends, I am proficient across the spectrum when it comes to the discipline of Digital Marketing.

A problem-solver by day and a wanderer in my after-hours, I enjoy diving deep into the “How’, ‘What,” and ‘Why’ of all the latest trends and techniques of the ever-evolving Digital Marketing landscape. I blend cutting-edge thinking and a genuine enthusiasm for all things tech; I identify as a true-blue cricket fan. Innate qualities of proactive decision-making, management, and a love for digital media are integral parts of my aura.