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Magento Announced PWA: Everything You Need To Know About It

Today, PWA (Progressive Web Application) is one of the most talked technologies that have gained unparalleled momentum around the IT world. Magento is becoming PWA platform that makes a suite of tools for building online stores.

Magento Announced PWA: Everything You Need To Know About It

Monday February 11, 2019,

5 min Read

PWA tool will help developers to learn about technique, building fast front-end and creating PWA components. Unlike other applications, PWA is a hybrid version of regular web pages and mobile app. It attempts to combine features by offering modern browsers along with the offering great mobile experience.

What is Magento PWA?

Magento PWA is supposed to bring a suite of tools to build an online store that behaves like apps. With this, Magento 2 is becoming PWA with announcing PWA studio used for developing and maintaining PWA storefront on top. This help developers and merchant to deliver convenience combined with buying experiences they’ll get from desktop experience.

Few of the core features of Magento’s PWA Studio

  • Build and manage all channels and experience via one code base and deployment
  • Get modernized component architecture to drive opportunities for extension resellers
  • We use tools to personalize content and add a local preference to it
  • Generate the purpose-built developer tools for fast prototyping, rich feedback and increased productivity
  • Intuitive user experience with using innovative commerce and CMS theming

How PWA helps in solving multiple challenges for retailers?

Native apps provide an experience that is frictionless and comes with the much better shopping experience. The Gartner study report says, there is a brand which cannot expect 10% of the customer to download the app as they lack the vast majority of customer interactions. So here one needs PWA to shine their web browser experience with allowing retailers to tackle multiple challenges.

  • Faster Browsing: PWA is quite faster to interact, scroll and experience progressively. 100% jump is seen by the early adaptors in the conversion rates.
  • Push Notifications: This is an exciting proposition for online marketers that it supports PWA push notification. Also, you can extend the opportunity for marketers to send real-time contextual and personalized communications.
  • Rapid Re-Engagement: Similar like a native app, PWA will allow rapid repeat access without the need to open the browser and type in URL. It gives excellent navigation tools on the bottom of the screen for app-like look & feel.

How is PWA different from other fast websites?

·        Minimum Network Traffic

Your first-page load gives important shell documents where the web traffic is served over HTTPS with delivering big edge catch. One needs to install the service worker that works as intelligent caching and interact via slim API request.

·        Uses non-blocking technique

To keep the UI responsive and progressive one needs a native app that doesn’t touch DOM element directly. Achieve true concurrency and avoid JavaScript thread owned by UI.

·        Expand the capabilities of client-side

One can install the service worker to expand the capabilities which looks just like smart clients that require traffic for every interaction. Detect the online mode and begin serving the traversed portion.

·        Instant App Gratification

It supports the OS that shows that the app could be live on your home screen along with other native apps. You need to write once and run anywhere simply. It is much faster to work with as it comes with a native binary app from an app store.

Additionally, we believe that every member of Magento will bring a wide swath of community with the perfect decision-making process. PWA in Magento 2 itself comes with flexible and scalable solutions. It helps in implementing the functionality of your store by choosing trustful Magento development agency. It adds an existing store on how to perform well and get customized on moving on to PWA benefits.

Let’s quickly dive into to check the benefits of PWA for eCommerce

  • Business: PWA brings more people to your business with increases conversion rates and generating more leads. It comes with great advantage where the PWA comes with varieties of progressive features.
  • App Experience: Get the full advantage of the feature without being restricted to a single layout or format. PWA makes it easier for the site to adapt the different device by allowing your customer to get the best mobile experience.
  • High Performance: Customers need to wait long for the page load and are less likely to return to that site as PWA are likely to perform well with using high performance and instant page loads. Also, it provides the potential customer with immediate access to your site.
  • Great Usability: This is one of the significant benefits that help the customer to decide something before buying or selling it. One needs to load the PWA app to get a faster advantage which we can add to the home screen and another offline mode of PWA.
  • Customer Loyalty: Increase the customer loyalty with accessing your website and update it when required as no one like to wait around until the site is being updated. So gets access to your product efficiently using PWA where customers will be more likely to return back
  • Better Conversions: PWA will give more conversions when you consider the responsive design and native apps as alternatives. Provide app-like experience without forcing the customer to install a legitimate app. One can go with the main page to get full mobile experience.

Future of Progressive Web Apps

The study shows that PWA is the future of eCommerce. It helps your business to give a number of advantage that you haven’t come across anytime. The customers need not worry about installing an app and take space on their phone. One can get experience that targets them directly along with adding features that provide the business owner and run accordingly. If you want more information about Magento or want to migrate to latest Magento version then consulting to an experienced Magento eCommerce Development Company can be beneficial.