Meghan Nandgaonkar

Meghan Nandgaonkar, Head of JDU, Fujitsu, is a Global Digital Leader who has developed a unique perspective, owing to his experience as a consulting and delivery partner for leading CIOs and recently as a CIO himself. Passionate about customer experience, the power of digital, and a firm believer in the 'First Penguin' approach, Meghan has been a key driver in Fujitsu's growth story across the GDCs. In his current role, Meghan leads JDU, a global team in Fujitsu that is focused on service delivery for Japanese customers and is spread across China, India, Malaysia and Philippines. The team works closely with JGG (Japan Global Gateway) and together it aims to transform the delivery model for Japan with a deep focus on standardization, automation and shared services. From a modest start with ~300 members, the team has grown to over 7800 in less than 2 years.