BlockSurvey is a secure way to get an audience involved in questionnaires, assessments, online forms, and surveys.

Basic Information

Blocksurvey is a privacy-focussed data collection application, which advocates digital ownership of data by customers. It has turned cashflow-positive during the pandemic, and won client deals in the US market. The startup uses tools such as surveys, polls, and forms, and deploys blockchain technology. BlockSurvey uses Stacks Blockchain for Decentralized Identity/Account (DID). BlockSurvey uses Stacks API for identity, authorisation, and storage management. This is the core working system that enables true ownership of the identity and data for the user. The user’s surveys and forms are accessible by URL to the public only when they are published. People having access to the URL alone can see the questionnaire. Today, users can distribute them in many ways using BlockSurvey. Like Web URL, QR Code, Widgets. etc., users can also use their own domain to share for branding. See more

Legal Name


BlockSurvey Technologies Pvt Ltd



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Core Team


Raja Ilayaperumal



Wilson Bright


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