How these women on TikTok are using 15 seconds to build successful careers and make money

Using TikTok, a short-form video curation app by the Chinese giant Bytedance, women across India are creating content and emerging as celebrities and influencers and are being wooed by big brands.

How these women on TikTok are using 15 seconds to build successful careers and make money

Thursday September 19, 2019,

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Shahrukh Khan came to Mumbai, struggled to get into movies and even slept on the city’s footpaths. Eventually, he got a break and became a star. On the other hand, many star kids found great launch pads thanks to director Karan Johar. 

Not all the men and the women who went to the city with stars in the eyes made it big. But all this was before social media came into the picture. 

To become a celebrity today, all you need is 15-second video idea and a smartphone. That’s all it really takes to get on TikTok. An app earlier known as Musically has swept India off its feet with its funny videos. There are people dancing, singing, and even lip-syncing to Bollywood dialogues. 

Tik Tok women

L-R: Garima Chaurasia, Moni Kundu, Nagma Mirajkar and Vani Choudhary

It goes without saying TikTok has completely transformed how content is created and democratised it. 

Sachin Sharma, Director - Sales and Partnership, TikTok India, in an exclusive interview with YourStory had shared,

Unlike any other platform, the 15-second format compels them to innovate. What sets the platform apart is that everyone is making every second count!

And those 15 seconds of fame is what many women from India across age groups are tapping into. From the comfort of their homes, with their cell phones and minimal effort, they are either showcasing their talent, addressing issues close to their heart or exhibiting their sense of creativity.

Apart from celebs, here are some women who have garnered millions of followers or are doing something interesting with TikTok. 

Entertainment galore 

Nagma Mirajkar from Mumbai makes dance and comedy videos. She has 10.2 million fans on TikTok. “I am here to entertain,” she states on her account.

Nagma has a Master’s Degree in Commerce and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Marketing) along with a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management but beats her keen sense and love for fashion and beauty. A fashion and beauty blogger she writes on her blog, Oh my Gorg.

She has carried her love for fashion and is a style sensation on TikTok. FMCG brands such as Colgate have worked with her to get their message to consumers through her content. 

Garima Chaurasia is another TikTok star with 15.7 million fans. She is a model and owes her huge fan following to her dance videos, comedy clips and lip-syncing videos. Garima with her friend Rugeesvni created a video on Emiway Bantai’s Machayenge song, which went viral and got the attention of TikTok users and expanded her fan base.  

A family affair 

Moni Kundu has 2.8 million fans on the app. She creates content that are stress-busters, and funny. 

She makes the videos with her son and husband and so, this family tamasha is a huge hit.

This shows that you don’t need to spend hours on locations and video shoots. All you need is a funny storyline and family as a cast works too. 

Tutorials, hacks and more 

Vani Choudhary has 223.3 K fans on TikTok. Her DIY videos feature skincare routines and homemade skincare care remedies. In 15 seconds she manages to deliver content that is quick, and easy to follow. 

Food is another major attraction on TikTok with many women using it as a medium to attract more users. When done in a spirit of fun, you can be sure users are going to follow you in hordes.

After Instagram influencers, we now have TikTok stars, leveraging the power of social media to become influential and make money. It’s their moment, let them shine!

(Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan)