This woman entrepreneur started up in the edtech sector, is all set to clock Rs 150 Cr in revenue

Kiran Dham is the CEO and Managing Director of Globus Infocom, an edtech company that is at the forefront of providing innovative technological solutions to schools in India.

This woman entrepreneur started up in the edtech sector, is all set to clock Rs 150 Cr in revenue

Wednesday December 04, 2019,

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The marriage of education and technology has made life in classrooms much more interactive, innovative, all-encompassing, and meaningful. With technology making interesting inroads, news systems and learning processes have taken form, leading to a sea change to the way education is perceived in the country.

Forty-three-year-old Kiran Dham leads Globus Infocom Limited along with her husband Ashish Dham, a company that provides need-based, innovative technological solutions in the field of education technology. It has grown to include signage and display and security and surveillance.

Kiran Dham

After completing her BSc Honours from Hindu College, Delhi University, Kiran completed her Master’s in Business Administration in Marketing and HR. After working for a couple of years, she felt that entrepreneurship was her calling and started Globus Infocom in 2001.

Today as CEO and Managing Director, she spearheads different departments of the company, which include marketing and communication, human resources, service, administration, training, and information technology.

Smart solutions

At the time of starting up, Kiran realised though other brands in the market provided products in the same domain, procuring them to suit smart education requirements remained a hassle.

“We are a ‘Make-in-India’ brand with our own manufacturing units offering a wide variety of products and solutions that are also innovative. Our range of advanced education technology solutions includes digital boards, digital teaching solutions, digital language labs, digital lounge, virtual classroom solutions, video conferencing solutions, and many more. We have also introduced software solutions like token management solution, subject software, 3D science lab, Gyan Samvaad for early learners, etc,” Kiran says.

This year, Globus Infocom implemented Digital Teaching Language Labs in all 36 schools situated in the districts of Palwal, Mewat, Mahedergarh, Bhiwani, Hisar, Fatehabad, Sirsa, Panipat, Kaithal, and Jind, under the Government of Haryana.

“The digital labs equip teachers with advanced technological resources and enhances their essential skill sets, which are mandatory requirements in the modern age for communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. We installed them along with advanced English Language Lab software providing a blended learning approach to acquire proficiency in the English language in these schools,” she adds.

The company also provides edtech solutions to schools in UP, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Goa. Kiran believes the introduction of technology into education has had far-reaching effects.

Making education fun and interesting

According to her, it is turning education into a fun and interesting experience, has helped break down classroom walls, and encouraged students and teachers to think out of the box. Schools are witnessing increased attendance and there is deeper involvement of students in class sessions.

“The blended system of education provides different avenues of understanding the concept, helping to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the learner. Our language lab solutions have removed the ever-existing language barrier between different regions with easy access to fun, easy, and effective language learning resources. Our innovative technological solutions have provided complete ease of communication, training, and 24X7 learning with its anytime accessible resources,” Kiran says.

On the digital signage and display, and security and surveillance front, Globus Infocom supplies surveillance solutions to various government organisations. Apart from CCTV cameras, its body-worn and mobile surveillance cameras are popular. Its manufacturing unit has 50 employees and produces 2,000 units per month for assorted models.

The founders started Globus Infocom by investing their own money in the business, which slowly resulted in steady expansion of work. Currently the company’s revenue has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark. Its target revenue for FY20 is Rs 150 crore, along with geographical expansion in more Tier II and Tier III cities.

Selling edtech products has not been easy for the founders.

“The toughest moment I have faced is how to increase the demand of education via technology in schools and colleges in Tier II and Tier III towns. Also, there is a huge gap in the education standards of rural schools in comparison to metro cities. Students and teachers are hesitant and apprehensive of technology instillation in the traditional education pattern. Convincing them to adapt technology and making them comfortable with the usage was a difficult stage which we have overcome successfully now,” Kiran says.

After introducing a comprehensive 360-degree learning school solutions programme, Globus Infocom is focusing on software solutions like subject labs, content for K-12, language labs, and introducing advanced technologies to enhance the holistic learning environment.

“Our main objective is to bridge the gap between the urban and rural areas when it comes to quality of education. We want to provide an equal platform for career development to students in rural areas too,” Kiran says.

(Edited by Teja Lele Desai)