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This woman entrepreneur’s pre-workout meal brand is targeting the health conscious

The Rooted Co, founded by Purvi and her husband Rohit Pugalia, is a pre-workout breakfast brand that offers products in two consumer categories -- granola and roasted muesli, specifically curated to maximise energy levels for getting the best results from a workout.

This woman entrepreneur’s pre-workout meal brand is targeting the health conscious

Tuesday September 14, 2021 , 4 min Read

Purvi Rohit Pugalia’s entrepreneurial journey began in her home kitchen. She was on the lookout for nutritious snacking options that could satisfy her husband’s mid-meal cravings at work.

She says she found very little choices online and in stores that would provide health benefits without compromising on the taste. She decided to put her cooking skills to good use and started preparing extensive varieties of wholesome mid-meals for busy working days.

The Rooted Co

“I soon discovered the same concern was shared by many others, and that’s when the idea of launching a healthy food brand came up in 2015,” she recalls.

As the venture grew, Purvi and her husband Rohit Pugalia experimented with an array of different recipes and managed to create a perfect version of guilt-free home-made granola. They focussed their energies on making homegrown granola widely available, and thus was born Munchilicious Granola in 2018.

“My husband and I both are self-taught entrepreneurs. Over the past six years, we have launched and invested in several businesses together. Prior to paving my path to entrepreneurship, I was strongly focussed on my academic journey,” says Purvi.

Rohit is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned angel investor. He and Purvi have invested in over 15 businesses across multiple industries including agritech, insurance-tech, and medtech.

Health first

In the past 1.5 years, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, good health and wellness have become top-most priority for most people. Taking their learnings and experiences from Munchilious Granola, Purvi and Rohit founded The Rooted Co in July this year, a pre-workout meal brand catering to individuals looking for an active lifestyle.

Purvi explains, “The Rooted Co’s offerings fuel the body with the adequate amount of nutrients required to maximise energy levels and get the best results from a workout. It offers wholesome roasted muesli and granola variants made specifically to be a nutritious pre-workout meal.”

“Another critical aspect that we wanted to meet was to offer a solution that is easy, convenient, and versatile, in addition to of course being healthy and our offering checks every one of these boxes,” she adds.

Having identified the growing demand for a pre-workout meal, the team set out to understand the market on a deeper level. The Rooted Co then partnered with a certified nutritionist who helped developed these offerings, ensuring the products are rooted in good health and taste, and meets the purpose of fuelling one’s body prior to a workout.

Healthy snacks for millennials

Available via online and offline marketplaces like Amazon and The Rooted Co website, the brand currently offers products in two consumer categories -- granola and roasted muesli, and has been specifically curated to maximise energy levels for getting the best results from a workout.

Muesli is available in three flavours – strawberry and blackcurrant, super seeds, and multi millet. The pre-workout Granola range is available in exotic variants as well, including Apricot & Orange, Dates & Chia, and Peanut Butter. These can be used in recipes and also consumed on-the-go-right out of the bag.

“We believe that correct and timely nutrition can help your body perform better and recover faster. The Rooted Co is creating a new category with the launch of its pre-workout meal solutions, and we’re excited for what the future holds,” she adds.

The brand targets millennials who are keen on living an active lifestyle and are looking for a wholesome and nutritious snack. The product pricing starts from Rs 325/- for 400 grams. It competes with brands like Yoga Bar, Monsoon Harvest, and The Whole Truth.

“The Rooted Co is part of bootstrapped conglomerate, the Soch Group, in which the founders have invested Rs 4 crore. In terms of revenue targets, we aim to generate Rs 2 crore revenue by the end of this fiscal year,” Purvi says.

The entrepreneurs plan to expand The Rooted Co to over 600 stores pan-India in the first year.

“Starting your entrepreneurial venture is no easy feat. However, I always encourage every woman out there to follow her passion and scale her business. Tackle every obstacle thrown your way and take every challenge in your stride to emerge stronger, with a successful business,” says Purvi.

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Edited by Megha Reddy