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We love celebrating !!!

From the edge of winding up to celebrating in 12 cities.

We love celebrating !!!

Tuesday January 31, 2017,

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I received a call around 9.00 pm and was asked to build a plan for a romantic celebration on the occasion of a birthday. It was our very first project as Ridhum so we built the plan and it was totally based on dreams and fairy tales that how a girl invites her prince under a beautiful shamiana and they have a romantic dinner and all this is done with a haveli in the background. We never thought it was impossible though we didn't know how to make it possible, we lacked resources, experience and time. And this was the result ........

<i><b>And the dream came true....</b></i>

And the dream came true....

It was pretty awesome, the only reason it ended up beyond our expectations was our spirit, the belief that,"If it is for those whom you love the most, there is no space for good or better it needs to be the best" .

It's true we don't have any offices, reason being we are an e-commerce company which provides services and does each and everything which your friend would do to make your occasion extra special and your friend never asks you to show up at his house when you needs him but he himself comes to your doorstep. We were operating only in Delhi till last month but now we are celebrating in 12 cities all over India and the list includes Mumbai, Pune and Bangluru. We had a huge team earlier and we have a huge team now, though the faces had changed but working with Ridhum only asks for one question, how important celebrations are for you?

We got our domain www.ridhummoments.com registered on 29th June 2016 and it has been seven months serving our community and making celebration easier for everyone. We have a different panel which builds plan for our clients absolutely free of cost, the only reason behind it is there are many people who wants to do everything by themselves only but they don't have the plan, they want to decorate it, arrange everything by themselves so we make plans for them and we don't charge anything for that because 'a helping hand' this is what you need from your friend.