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Tips to Prepare For The Seasonal Sales

Tips to Prepare For The Seasonal Sales

Wednesday August 29, 2018,

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Seasonal sales are the time to pull your fingers out and stay active and ahead of other sellers. If you want to make a striking profit and fame in your industry then this is a fabulous opportunity. With festive seasons back to back in India, it’s the right time for you to imprint your brand in the memory of your customers.

You may be a freshman or an established online seller, the festive season will give your business the tonic of survival for a longer period. Your business can experience high peaks or troughs as you cannot anticipate what the seasonal sales can bring for you. But to reach the peaks you must properly plan your business in advance to the festive season in order to have the good cash flow for the entire year. You need to explore and target new strategies to shine and be productive in this festive season.

Let's unbox few of the things which you cannot ignore to outshine in your business during the seasonal sales.

Have a Sound Inventory: Retrospecting the pattern of the sales during previous seasonal sales gives you a clear picture of the best selling products and the ones which did not move out of the warehouse shelves. These data can very helpful to plan your inventory during the seasonal sale. Ensure that you have quite a good amount of the products in your inventory, which was highest grossing last year and push the least sold products to sales by offering discounts to them. Check the trend of products which were top selling for last 6 months and have it filled in your warehouse, also avoid storing slow-moving products. 

Get Noticed:

Marketing for seasonal sales must be initiated far ahead of the date of the festival. Create a marketing plan and fix the budget explicitly for promotional activities which you will be doing to gain new customers. Send emails to the customers on the offers or the launch of the new products or write a blog on the pain points of the customers in order to attract traffic and to get visibility of your brand to your customers.

Have Clear Logistics Goals:

Getting lots of order during the seasonal sales isn’t enough, you must be able to fulfill the orders with whatever promise you have given to your customers during the sale which might be a free delivery or an easy return. You must either get tied up with a trusted courier partner or just go with a third party logistics aggregator who can do all the work for you.

Set a Competitive Price:

In order to entice the customers to make a purchase, it is necessary to have a strategically prepared pricing for your products. Since customers check other competitor websites to compare rates, it is good to quote products at a reasonable price. Since its seasonal sale, customers expect good offers from you, hence make sure you don't lessen your profit margin while providing discounts on the products. Avail offers such that it is a win-win situation for you and your customer.

Have Enough Helping Hands:

From managing orders till packaging, festive seasons are the time where you need more resources to fulfill the order. Irrespective of the size of your company hire few employees if you think it's necessary during the rush hours. If you are a startup, ensure that you hire employees at least for part-time who fit your budget until the end of the festive season. If you can afford to hire a few new employees then make sure you hire someone who has a similar experience so that they can adapt soon to the work.

Get Reviewed on the Internet:

New prospect customer does not know more about your brand nor your services. They seek out to know your loyalty towards the customers, hence search for your profile on the internet. So make sure that you have good reviews from your happy customers to showcase your dedication towards the service which you provide. If not, request your customers to write a review for you as good reviews bring good customer traffic.

Following these approach can make you profitable during the festive season irrespective of your company size. Ensure you make the most during the festive seasons so that you have a good graph of sales at the end of the year. 

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