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Identify your Inborn Talents through DMIT.

Mind Tech International

Thursday January 12, 2017,

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About Mind Tech International :

Mind Tech Group – is a dynamic team of professionals from various fields who have come together to spread Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test & Mid Brain Activation concept in India, Headed by Mr. Jimmy Amin & Team Mind-Tech is committed for the awareness of D.M.I.T. & Midbrain Activation worldwide.

Mind Tech has started in the year 2010 from Surat Gujarat, involving mass and Individuals. Having its tie up with various Educational sectors. Mind Tech had reached to the people through the ways of Media; News Paper Advertising and Radio partners to expand the business. After getting good response from Surat, MindTech planned to establish our business in different cities of Gujarat. MindTech has started working in the beginning of 2012 in Ahmedabad, Baroda, and Saurashtra. Here we got overwhelming response and then we never looked back. And at the end of 2012 Mind Tech has started generating its network on National level and at present we are having our network in 20 states and 165 cities. In 2014 we achieved to reach on International level in 9 countries: Nigeria, UAE, England, Hong Kong, South Africa, Poland, Vietnam and Singapore & Australia .Thus, it’s not the end, for us it’s the beginning. Our target by 2020 to spread Mind Tech network in more countries.

Benefits of DMIT :

1. For Children/Student :

• Understand your child’s natural character.

• Identify best learning style for your child.

• Identify his/her inner talents and weaknesses.

• Curriculum and educational stream selection.

• Thinking type/Inner computation.

• Stop wasting time, money, effort on uncertain course & classes.

• Use the right teaching method on your child.

2. For Individuals :

• Understand your natural character.

• Identify and develop your main competencies.

• Plan ahead to acquire your goals and live your dreams.

• Find Out the most suitable learning and leadership Commands.

3. For Corporate :

• Find employees’ potentials, increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

• Trust your employee who has the most potential Power.

• Find the right person for the right job.

• Create a Super star Atmosphere workforce.

• Reorganize your workforce for better performance Than before.

• HR training and development by DMIT.

Mind Tech International is One of The Best Leading Company For DMIT & MidBrain Activation Franchise Seller of India & Overseas.

Visit www.mind-tech.in for more info.
Mails at : [email protected]
Contact no. : +91 84609 97779