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Temporary residence permit

Thursday August 31, 2017,

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Temporary residence permit in Ukraine through marriage is one of the most common ways of legalizing foreigners in Ukraine. The procedure was significantly simplified after the service became available in the country for a day, Lviv, which we will implement the fifth. Especially in this case, foreigners won, because for one visit they can now solve family affairs and settle the issue of legalization.

Marriage to a foreigner: the practical side of the matter

Independently wondering about getting a residence permit through marriage is rather risky. Problems can arise already at the stage of preparation for marriage, namely, during the collection of documents for a foreign citizen.

The papers, which the foreigner needs to be presented in the RAGS, should be translated into Ukrainian and notarized. This should be

• a copy of the passport (the original is filed when completing the application for marriage);

• a copy of the passport with a stamp on the border crossing (the original is also presented once);

• certificate of absence of marriage (for a foreigner).

It is very important that a foreigner submit a certificate of absence of marriage, and it is almost impossible to do it independently without leaving home. Either you need to take up the document in advance, or go to the lawyers, who will cope with the issue in two ways.

Accelerated receipt of residence permit

Further, at the stage of obtaining a residence permit, lawyers will be able to simplify the procedure as much as possible and relieve a foreign citizen from bureaucratic litigation, since

• they will collect a package of documents, translate into Ukrainian, notarize;

• submit papers to government agencies;

• Connect the client to the migration service;

• will consult about the rights and obligations of the owner of residence permit.

Please note that within 30 days after receiving the residence permit, the foreign person must register the place of residence in Ukraine, otherwise the residence permit will be invalid.

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