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Six best practices for making your first business website

Here are some of the important things that should be kept in mind in order to create an effective first site for the business. 

Six best practices for making your first business website

Saturday April 08, 2017,

4 min Read

Whether you are running a small or large business it is essential to have an effective online presence. The web has become an important and indispensable part of our lives which why it is important for businesses to have a good website that catches the eye of the consumers.

For a new business, it is critical to have a professional and comprehensive website so that they can make a mark in the industry. Here are some of the important things that should be kept in mind in order to create an effective first site for the business.

1. Selecting the Best Design:

The design of the website is crucial for making it a success or a failure. For the first business site, it is better to keep the design simple. But it is important to be careful not to make it boring and forgetful. The design should be unique and it should be able to convey the idea of your brand. The website is a reflection of the brand and it should be able to leave an impression on the visitors so they are tempted to visit again.

The homepage is probably the most important page as it is the first page that the visitors will lay their eyes on. If it is disappointing and hard to navigate they will not explore rest of the site. The homepage should be able to all the essential information such as name and introduction of your business. The logo should be professional and unique. Use images and videos along with the text as it will help in attracting visitors.

2. Showcase what you are Selling:

It is critical that you clearly state whether you are selling products or services. The visitors should know exactly what they will be getting. Not being able to showcase the products or services can be the cause of failure of the business. If you are selling products then you should include images of each product along with specifications so that the customers will know what they will be getting and will not be disappointed. If you are offering services make sure you are clear about the type and extent of services that you will be giving.

You should avoid including too many graphics and pictures in the site because it can result in confusion. Pick the best images for the homepage so the visitors are interested in exploring further.

3. Considering the Loading Times:

People do not have the patience to wait for the site to load which is why slow loading time will result in loss of visitors as they will switch to the ones which can load quickly. There are plenty of web hosting companies UK that you can use for your website. Make sure that you use the one which is perfect for the design of your site. The loading speed depends on the hosting services that you choose so that you make the best choice. Investing in wrong hosting option will make the site unreliable and slow which is not good for business at all.

4. Easy Accessibility:

Accessibility is the key to increasing the visitors of the site and gaining more customers. While designing the site you should keep certain disabilities such as color blindness in mind. You should also consider slow internet connections especially if you are targeting local audiences. It is essential that the design of the web and navigation is consistent in the whole site and creating different designs for each page is not a good idea. The layout should be consistent throughout the site. The design of the site should be responsive so that people can access it from a variety of devices.

5. Provide Good User Experience:

The best way of offering good customer experience is to keep the site organized. The websites that are properly organized also get higher ranking in the search engines. The potential customers are looking for specific information when they are visiting your sire and if all the aspects of the site are organized they will be able to find it easily. It is essential to use bold and bullets while the important information should be in a different colored text.

6. Content is Critical:

You should never compromise on the quality of the content because the visibility of the site depends high on it. The fresh and high-quality content will ensure that the site has a higher ranking in the search engine. Keeping the content fresh and interesting is also essential for keeping the clients interested and tempting them to visit again and again.

By keeping these practices in mind you will be able to create a professional and attractive first website for your business.