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Exciting book launched - read the abstract


Monday February 27, 2017,

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If you want to be an Innovator, you can be one.

More than what you already are.


This book is an innovation in itself. It solves a valuable problem that many organizations, senior leaders, CXO, professionals, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are facing today.

What is this valuable problem?

Many companies seemingly generate tons of ideas. But most of them complain that only a few of those ideas get converted into business-worthy innovations. Why? Our research and analysis shows that the lack of innovation and intrapreneurial skills is at the root of this problem. These professionals who are expected to innovate, lack formal education or training in innovation. They are expected to deliver business-relevant innovations based only on technical competence or experience. This over-reliance on trial and error method is the reason why several of these ‘ideas’ turn out to be weak or unsuccessful innovations.

What is the solution to this valuable problem?

The solution lies within YOU, the innovator and the intrapreneur. This book is an attempt to help you become a world-class innovator. We want to have a conversation, a dialogue with the innovator in you through this book. This is a book written by practitioners for practitioners. What we have written is proven practically.

We assure you this is not yet another book, telling you how to set up a ‘process’ for innovation in your firm. This is a book about what ‘you’ can do as an innovator. As an analogy, we have positioned ‘you’ as the driver of the vehicle that delivers innovation, and not so much on the traffic rules and processes, which are difficult for you to control or change as an individual. This book will make the innovator in you to generate more business worthy Innovations than you are doing today.

Is this possible?

Yes, it is very much possible. As a matter of fact, we have seen visible results within weeks of using this approach, witnessed organisations and their teams multiply the number of successful innovations within a short span of time, and more importantly without changing any or much of their processes. Almost anyone can be an innovator. We say almost anyone and not anyone because if you don’t want to be one, nothing can make you one.

But we need one assurance from you to help you be a world-class Innovator. You should have a ‘burning desire’ to Innovate. Not just a weak intention or a wish to be a world-class innovator.

The epicentre of innovation is you - the innovator. The hero of this book.


Be the change you want to see. Be the Innovator to innovate you want to be.

This book is a conversation that we will have with you. We will have a dialogue with you and in the process, uncover the innovator in you through our conversations. You have to take part actively in this conversation to make the most of it. The process can be like peeling onion and you should be open and prepared. All we need is you is you to have a dialogue. We can start this conversation if you have ticked more than one of the below options as your goal:

• I want to be an innovator

• I want to be a better innovator

• I am not sure if I can innovate, though I want to be one

• I want to innovate across multiple domains

• I want to be an entrepreneur

• I want to be an intrapreneur

• I want to file a patent or another form of intellectual property

• I want my team to innovate

• I want to inspire potential innovators to become practical innovators

• I want to increase the confidence of my team and myself as innovator

• I want to generate business-relevant innovative products and services

• I want to contribute to my community and society with my innovations

• I want to be an innovator, but I am not an engineer

• I want to innovate outside my areas of formal education and specialization

• I want to guide my researchers and students to pick projects with commercial potential

• I want to understand the myths of innovation, if any

• I want to overcome my inhibitions to be a good innovator

• I want to know WHY to innovate

• I want to know WHAT to innovate

• I want to know HOW to innovate

• I want to know WHO can innovate

• I want to know about the full journey of innovation

• I want to know how to generate solutions? How to assess and select solutions?

• I want to know how to convert an idea into a business

• I want to know how to pitch and present, position and sell my innovation

• I am a researcher and I want to select commercially relevant ideas for my research

• I am a HR guy and want to build innovation culture in my organisation

• I am in the leadership team of a firm and need to broad-base innovation

There will be many more reasons which are not listed and we would like to hear those too. Essentially, an innovator should be able to answer these two questions.

• What should I do to be an innovator?

• How should I do it?

This conversation we are going to have with you will take you through the answers to these questions and more. This chat is a concoction of many mini chats we had with a lot of people. Now it is all put together in this book. In the end, you will know what difference you can make as you, the innovator.

Have fun, enjoy reading. Stop reading the moment you get bored.

Sudeendra Koushik is a practicing Innovator with a career of 24 years, with more than 15 national and international patents in various stages. Koushik is passionate about innovation and has served in global companies across the world. He has published several research papers and has conducted numerous workshops on Innovation in India and abroad. He is the recipient of various government and private awards. Koushik is a regular speaker at various forums including, and an active volunteer of IEEE. Koushik is on the panel of advisors for many reputed Innovation centres & Start-up forums. He is also a cartoonist, actor.

Chief Innovator, Co-Founder, PRASU

Pragya Dixit is a highly successful Entrepreneur, Educationist and noted speaker. Along with an entrepreneurship career, she also worked as a professor of entrepreneurship and corporate finance. She has been a serial entrepreneur with several successful ventures in multiple areas. She is on the panel of advisors for several reputed Innovation centres & Start-up forums. She has a special interest in Intrapreneurship and is an active researcher in this area.

Chief Intrapreneur, Co-Founder, PRASU


Success without capability is impossible. Capability without success is unacceptable.

This book is not for dummies. This is for the smart ones. In this conversation style book, we approach the need of the hour, Innovation, by helping you discover the Innovator in you. We believe you already have it in you. For us, you are capable and smart, else you would not be where you are today. You, the Innovator and Intrapreneur can deliver innovations in almost any domain, any context or in any situation, without depending much on the external processes. This book is an inside out view, you the Innovator being the epicenter. We have written this as Innovators and Intrapreneurs, for Innovators and Intrapreneurs. This book is not about what should work; it is about what does work.

If You want to be an Innovator, you can be one. More than what you already are.


Book available worldwide on https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N3AJOXN