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A Dedicated portal for Students: www.bookleey.com


Sunday September 11, 2016,

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Hello all fellow entrepreneurs and dear readers. Before starting BookLeey I had many questions going on in my mind every day and every night. I am an engineering graduate and completed my engineering in 2012. During Engineering days I observed that most of the students including me were facing many common problems : purchasing textbooks was always a mess and scary thing for all engineering students. Only point to purchase books was Avenue road which itself is a scary place when you see the traffic, crowd and the narrow streets. After that bargaining with the shopkeepers to get the right edition, and correct discount was another hurdle. It used to consume one complete day of us just to purchase textbooks. Most of the time buying the new books was a heavy burden on our pocket, after all we were students and we have to survive on the limited pocket money we used to receive from our parents. Somehow we used to purchase the books after all struggle but the problem doesn’t ends here. After completion of semester selling books was again a nightmare. Going to Avenue road and running behind shopkeepers to get the minimum amount for the book as seriously a pain. I remember an incident when I went to sell 4 of my engineering books which were in pretty good condition and they were worth 900Rs, I was expecting to at least get 600 for them but I was shocked when the shopkeeper said “Bhaiya at max I can give 200 Rs for these”. I was like what the hell I paid 70 Rs on bus pass and 20 Rs on a glass of juice to reach avenue road and they going to give me just 200 Rs for the 4 books, but I was not having any other choice I was badly in need of money and I din want to carry all those books back to my house. And trust me this was the story of each and every engineering student.

All these incidents made me to think WHY students are suffering these?? HOW can this be solved??

And the answer which I got from myself was: “BookLeey”. My Idea was to make a dedicated portal which solves all student problems related to their college needs.

But again the thing which stopped me from acting on the project was a Scary noise coming from my mind saying “Sushil you are just a college fresher, you don’t have an experience”. I listened to my inner voice and got into an MNC to gain experience about corporate world, client interactions, customer support, Software development and management and many other things. After 3 years of experience in MNC and working with different international clients I reached to a point where I said to myself “It’s the right time to start”. I started with taking surveys from college students and analysing their needs and problems.

Now BookLeey is a single dedicated website for students where they can purchase engineering textbooks on a click at best price. Now you may ask just selling books—what’s new in that.

Bookleey believes in concept of recycling and providing books at affordable rated to all the students.

How this can be achieved now? Yes you are right we mainly deal with pre owned books. These books are in great condition and it helps students saving lot of money. Next question will be from where we get pre owned books. The answer for this question is the second major problem faced by students that was selling books. On BookLeey a student can sell their old books very easily. Our SELL module is completely automated where a customer need not type the details manually. Just few selections and you will get the quote for the book immediately. Once a student places a sell request we provide them free pick up. So we are solving the major problem of buying and selling books for students.

Is that all BookLeey has got???? The answer is NO. Second major issue among students is how they can purchase an expensive book when they just need it for 10 days to refer during exams. BookLeey is the answer. The Rent feature of the bookleey is unique and best in its category. Student can easily rent a book starting from 15 days to 6 months with minimum charges.

What else a student needs? Scientific calculators, notebooks, lab aprons etc. When the main goal of BookLeey is to save student’s time, money and prevent them from travel Hassel, how can BookLeey miss all these things? The “STORE” module on bookleey provides all accessories needed by engineering students again at the best price and at the doorstep delivery.

You might be thinking that their might be some more surprise BookLeey has got. Yes you are right, Students can now download all previous years question papers by just a click on bookleey free of cost. No more struggling on google to get the question papers during exam time when you don’t have time to search through different sites asking unnecessary personal details and registration. BookLeey has a “Donate” module too where students can donate their old books which they think are not fit for sale. We give all these donated books to an NGO without any profits.

There are many other excellent features under construction which will help students a lot.

After launch of BookLeey I came to know the true value of the sentence “Necessity is the mother of invention”. There is a long way to go and we are sure that we going to achieve our goals. Reason behind this confidence is the positive response we getting from our customers continuously. 

Selling books at just few clicks from your doorsteps only at BookLeey.com

Selling books at just few clicks from your doorsteps only at BookLeey.com

All Preowned Books goes through a standard Quality check before reaching to students.

All Preowned Books goes through a standard Quality check before reaching to students.

BookLeey dedicated website for students

BookLeey dedicated website for students

By seeing amazing response from Students we have planned to expand our services to other branches (Like MBA,BCA,BSC, Medical) very soon . Our services will be soon available outside Bangalore. Thank you for reading my story. Any feedback or comments will be highly appreciated.

You can contact me by below channels:

Name: Sushil Jakhar

Phone number:9160912482

Email address:[email protected]