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Poor marks let down English teacher

Students' diligence remains ultimate aim

Friday September 29, 2017,

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KANPUR: Looking over the total marks of every examinee in a particular subject, the class teacher did not fail to utter her extreme anxiety over the poor marks of the quite sensible students of the senior class. She had to say, “Never ever given such one-digit mark in the teaching career!” She was a little more disturbed with the students’ lowest mark. When the sagacious teacher was not totally pleased with the marks attained by happy-go-lucky students, the guardians will also feel a certain level of nervousness.

The teacher was realizing her responsibility towards the class. That was why she expressed a few words in her answerable way. Those poor students must understand their weakness in learning the subject. They definitely required extra attention towards their studies for they were going to appear at the final Board examinations in the next year.

Teachers do not stop to comment on the students’ better marks or poor scores. If a studious student secures second highest marks in the class, the class teacher will not restrict herself from saying some sharp words against the particular student. This surely contains her rapprochements for better results. Such type of the traditional mood has always existed in the teaching parlance. This analysis can never be avoided. Actually, a teacher wants hundred percent improvements in a student’s diligence.

When the students were seeking solace under the shadow of the private tuition, obtaining lower marks in the common subjects cannot be defended in any way, assert the guardians adding that it was sheer carelessness on the part of our wards. When they would fail to show interest in the study, their marks will not be satisfactory. Now they are on verge of leaving their final year. Despite this practicality, they are not adopting an attitude of what they should need to prove.