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5 must-have apps for working moms and mompreneurs

5 must-have apps for working moms and mompreneurs

Tuesday April 24, 2018,

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Smartphones are being used by everyone including children these days, without proper supervision from parents, it is quite difficult to track the child’s digital footprint. Providing a smartphone to your children isn’t a solution to keep them safe or track their activities. You need to have sufficient tracking apps and blocking apps to ensure that the usage is limited and it doesn’t provide unnecessary access to the internet.

Today, we will talk about 5 must have apps for working moms and mompreneurs to ensure that the child is using the smart device for productive purposes only. Before we start with the best apps list, I’d like to ask a simple question to all working moms out there. Why do you think your children need a smartphone?

While you think on that question, we will discuss on some of the best apps available to keep a watchful eye on your child’s phone.

• Flexispy

With a series of excellent and flexible features provided by Flexispy, this is one the recommended app for all working parents. You will not be able to keep an eye on your children all the time, this app helps you fulfill that purpose. It has features like GPS location tracking, keylogging, app management which includes installation of the app and blocking unwanted apps. There are many more features available with the different version of the app like live call intercept, both ambient and call recording on a real-time basis. With these features, Flexispy has been providing a lot of information to parents about their child’s smartphone activities.

This app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones with pretty much no bugs or issues. With constant updates, more and features will be introduced while improving the present ones. You have an option to monitor both digital and call activities, any messages sent on any platform can be monitored to see if the child is being responsible. Smartphones can be a good thing for children but it can also be a big disadvantage if not monitored properly.

• Kidlogger

Kidlogger is quite simple yet effective application to keep a track of your child’s digital activity. It is compatible with all devices which include smartphones, PC, tablets and more. Kidlogger has some unique features which are useful for a working parent. Some of those excellent features are – the time stamps for start and end time of internet usage, applications used, websites visited, communication messages via any platform, GPS real-time tracking, photos and videos were taken or downloaded or uploaded, call logging and more.

Kidlogger has other minor features like taking a screenshot of your child’s phone on a real-time basis, record keystrokes, used files or folders apart from apps, USB or external memory device used and email those reports on a periodic basis to yourself. This pretty much covers everything that you need to monitor including the digital and calling facilities on any device. You just need to login to the app on your phone to check the current reports generated or real-time spying on your child’s phone.

• Family Orbit

Family Orbit is widely recommended by parents, especially working parents since they are unable to constantly monitor their child’s digital activity. Children these days are smart to use any electronic device and a smartphone is like a walk in the park for them. Before you provide them with these devices, ensure proper app like Family Orbit has been installed with relevant and mandatory settings. The features of this excellent app are real-time monitoring, remote lock and unlock your child’s device, GPS tracking on a real-time basis, blocking unwanted and dangerous apps and websites and lastly compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

You have an option to listen to the conversation without your child noticing you are on the call, this will certainly help avoid dangerous situations, monitoring their photos to see nothing inappropriate is being downloaded or sent to others, perfect logging of all websites visited including timestamps is the reason for the popularity of this app. You need not have to worry about anything else once you have this app installed on your child’s phone.

• Qustodio

One of a kind family control app, Qustodio is said to be the simplest app to monitor your child’s digital footprint. With working moms, they have a lot on their plate. So, Qustodio helps remove one burden by providing assistance in constant vigilance for monitoring your child’s smartphone activities. You have simple features like a dashboard which provides general information like the time spent on apps, browsing, calling and more, manage option helps you set up firewalls to block dangerous and illicit websites to keep them protected from cyber threats and cyber bullies. With real-time monitoring and offline data reports, Qustodio offers various features like control games and apps installed, GPS tracking and a panic button in case of emergencies, live tracking of calls and messages and social media activity.

• Family Time

The name of the app is really simple yet meaningful, Family Time offers some of the best features like Geo-fencing – when the child leaves a specific block which he or she isn’t supposed to, you will receive an instant notification. This is an excellent way to keep a track of them and ensure their safety at the same time. It has options to set homework, bedtime and monitor the time spent using their smartphones and more. App by app can be blocked or provided limited access using the settings options, you will have complete control over your child’s phone. It is not easy initially due to the slightly complex user interface, however, with sufficient time and app usage that issue will disappear.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones should be controlled by us, not the device controlling us. Ensure that the device you provide your children has been properly set up and educate the children about its usage. Everything may not go as you expect and there will be some mishaps, in order to avoid them, educate your children well ahead of providing them with these devices.