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3 Things To Consider While Building an UberEats like App

3 Things To Consider While Building an UberEats like App

Friday December 08, 2017,

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How frequently do you hear about food delivery apps?

Considered personally, do you think you’ve used them the maximum than anyone else? You’re not alone. We’ve all done that. It’s not some addiction to fear for.

Digging deep for reasons explains that these apps spare us a lot of time than the other conventional apps. Precisely, they help us lead a convenient life and let us focus on things that truly matter while devouring our favourite food.

Speaking of food delivery apps, there are a few popular ones like UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Foodpanda, JustEat, Swiggy, Zomato, Deliveroo, et cetera. Though they are the pioneers of food delivery apps, we see plenty of other alike applications getting crowded in the market. The food industry is dramatically expanding, especially in the scope of mobile app services.

This resolute spike of newcomers within the market space reminds us of critical market analysis and what benefits it holds. A well-researched data set will explain how existing services are flourishing in this space and what must a budding business focus on.

Things to focus on if you’re about to kickstart your own food delivery venture.

Find Appropriate Target Audience

No businesses are same and therefore no particular set of audience fits every business. Having experimented with diverse audience types, many industry experts repeatedly exhort the importance of targeting a relevant audience type. Being a food delivery service you might think everyone likes delicious food. Though it’s partly right, we all have preferences. And based on the minute differences we see within food delivery apps, we essentially make choices on a whim.

An established food delivery app highly focuses on busy professionals who prefer consuming healthy food. They are the people who shop at Amazonfresh, Instacart, Peapod, Postmates, Ship, and similar. Aforementioned are deluxe suppliers and don’t own a delivery service themselves.

Partner With Food Producers

To make sure your food delivery business gains sufficient visibility within the consumer space, you need to reach out to maximum restaurants. Restaurants give an adequate push to early apps to attain better traction in the market against competitors. But which grocery store or restaurant to partner with forever remains an enigma for food delivery service providers.

Few food delivery services have married food producers to source required materials in turn cutting down their delivery costs. While others have coupled with restaurants to enjoy mutual benefits. They implement partnered campaigns which help bring in qualified prospects for both. Others focus on sourcing high-quality organic ingredients directly from local farms.

GPS Tracking

To integrate GPS tracking, first of all, you need to determine user’s location. To do so, you can use Google’s location API or Location framework API and fix the desired general geographic region. Then locate user’s device and monitor its movement. Later build a vehicle navigation system to fetch driver’s direction. This can be built on Mapkit for iOS and on Google Maps API for the Android version of it.

The next step is to integrate built mapping software inside the app. You may use Waze navigation API if you want to build it for both web and mobile app.

This industry is constantly evolving. First, it was through phone calls but now we order food online. Considering the rapid growth of this domain, days are not far off when drones will deliver food to customers. Food delivery brands are predominantly implementing new technologies. And are adapting to various unique in-app innovations. Let’s not worry about it much as we’re here to update you regularly with news around on demand technologies which will aid you advance at the rapid pace. Be the next super-successful food delivery business model by apply these tips.