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Start UP’s Vs Human Capital

Wednesday September 14, 2016,

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Start UP’s Vs Human Capital

Co-founder Human Racers (AJ) speaks about his business plan. He says "I just don’t wanna do a business but I want to run the Business as Opportunities don't happen. You create them. like other entrepreneur I have a well-designed business plan however the only difference in my plan is that my “Human Capital” has more of my focus wherein current scenario it’s totally been neglected."

He says” A human body & a business doesn’t have much difference but still we tend to forget that as a human body needed a very strong back bone so does a good business plan would need a very strong “Human Capital “to perform the task.

He says’ as per the survey 70% startups miss this important part of the business plan and desperately run after the outcome.

As rightly said “Desperation can make a person do surprising things.”

And the surprise here is SHRINKAGE in your most important part of business plan which is “Human Capital” it looks like you and your HR Department in try to fill a bucket which doesn’t have base.

Desperate hiring and desperation to hire of your HR Department will bring you Human capital but are they going to be your strong pillars is the question. Number of things which startups tend to neglect revolves around the “Human capital”. We may be good in numbers, good in planning, but are we able to bring well culture fitted Human Capital, Are we well planned to engage them?

He Says” In the Country like India HR has not been given value and that could be one of the reason startups closing at very early stage.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

By Co-Funder " AJ" Human Racers.

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