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Let's change the world

Let's change the world

Saturday December 03, 2016,

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It was Friday, everyone wants to leave early but in my case it was different. I believe our brain works much faster when we are alone. I started working and got completely lost in my work. Suddenly, I looked at my watch and it was 2.50 AM. I finished my work, locked my PC, took all my stuffs and went outside. It was 3 AM in the morning and the temperature was 14℃. It was so cold outside, I was literally shivering. I was lucky, that I was carrying a jacket. I started my bike and headed home. I was not wearing hand gloves and suddenly I felt like my fingers are turning into ice blocks, it was completely unbearable. I was just wishing to get home as soon as I can. The moment I reached home, I locked my door and went directly under my blanket it was such a good feeling, I just couldn’t express. Slowly, I started feeling much better as my body started adjusting to the room temperature. I was just thanking god again and again, that at least he has given me a house to live. Then suddenly one thought came into my mind what about those people who are now sleeping on the footpaths, Railway platforms, Bus stands, who don’t have their own house, how are they going to survive? I was not able to bear it even for a minute and these people have an entire night in front of them. We cannot leave them to god. I don’t understand one thing, what is our government doing for them and as a society what are we doing for them? I know we have a lot of problems in our own life but tell me one thing, whose problem is much bigger?

I am more concerned about women and children their body is not that strong to survive in this freezing cold. We cannot just sit and watch them dying. I think if we come together, we can make a lot of difference. We do not want your money we just want a small help from your side. Just Text/Whatsapp/Mail/Call us if you have any old kinds of stuff like Sweaters/Blankets/Mufflers/Jackets which are lying in the corner of your house and you think it's of no use. We will send someone from our side to collect it. We have a team who would be doing night patrolling and they would be circulating all these stuff which we have received from you to the poor people. 


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