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Startup from the eye of a 19 year old !

Start ups are always fascinating to the younger generation, take a look at how it looks from where I am standing

Sunday July 03, 2016,

2 min Read

What is a Startup? let’s Google!

The action or process of setting something in motion or a newly established business.

Probably start up is same as chasing the girl you want to get married to, where funding is the father you have to convince, where the competition is like the brother whom you have to brave and come up, seed-funding is like engagement, you feel that things will get better after this, but after the wedding you come to know that it was just the beginning and as usual other's start-ups seems more fascinating, just as other's wives!

But the eco-system has no void; it’s a constant to and fro ride of passionate and like-minded individuals who are heading up towards the same goal in a boat moving each day towards their journey and Interns like me are the passengers who hoard the ship for small journeys but bigger learnings.

Interning in a startup had been really a great journey, where you see the challenges of the modern entrepreneurs who are taking up technology to solve the traditional problems. The tasks are not easy as they seem from a user's perspective, where you just see a mobile app working on you handset but probably not the hardwork being done on it.

A walk to Success is easy,perhaps maintaining is not!

Houzify is the start up at a different vertical which let me walk down the lane of this wonderland, where the traditional problem of searching ideas for interior design or looking up professionals is made easy, where three teams are on a same mission to make the hectic job of interior designing easy!

Lastly I would like to wish best of luck to all start ups out there, to chase their wives successfully!

What is your story of experience,I would love to hear it in the comments below!