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Tips for buying newborn baby clothes

Tips for buying newborn baby clothes

Monday September 18, 2017,

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Baby clothing is something which every expectant parent are worried about. What they need to get for the baby immediately after the delivery, what will be needed for first few days? What kind of fabric will suit the baby’s skin? All these are the basic concerns of parents.


Most parents discover that newborn baby clothes might be a big investment and time consuming task. Unlike an adult, baby’s need several changes of clothing per day. Babies grow fast which makes the matter more complicated as clothes can become too small for them after a small span of time.

Therefore, it needs planning as to what should be taken and what not keeping in mind all the scenarios they will have to face after the baby’s birth. A little planning will help parents in spending too much and ending up in a situation where baby has nothing to wear.

Certain tips have been given for buying baby clothing:

Safety concern

Stay away from the clothes with decorative stones, bows or buttons as they can be choking risk for the baby. Clothing with long ties or which can be tight around baby’s arm also need to be avoided. Make sure such decorations are sewed tightly.

Fire safe sleepwear:

 Always try to look up for that sleepwear which is fire retardant. It has been mentioned on the fabric whether it needs to be worn tightly to be fire resistant or the fabric itself is fire retardant.

Don’t buy too many sizes:

 Babies grow very fast in initial days or months. It’s very difficult to judge which will suit them right after the birth. Some babies fit in newborn size only for short time while some do not fit at all. So, if you have so many newborn clothing with you, try getting it exchanged with larger size if possible.

How does it go

Always look for the cloths which have long front or back opening. This will not be uncomfortable for the baby to get it off. If the babywear has to pull over the baby’s head make sure that the fabric is soft as it will hurt the baby and may have to tug it over baby’s head.

Easy care is important

Look up for the clothes which are easy to maintain like hand wash only or dry clean. You might be surprised but most of the baby clothing in market has this label of easy care and washing instructions.

Baby’s comfort:

 Elastic or zippers can be a source of discomfort for the baby. Always select the clothes which have a layer of fabric between the baby and the zipper.

Layering works for baby

Babies need additional layer of clothing, one would be sufficient. Choose that clothes which allows you to layer so that when it is needed you can add or remove a layer. This would not be uncomfortable for the baby. For baby changing clothes or tight and bulky clothes are very uncomfortable. You can use fleece jackets or babywear which are very useful in winters for the baby.

Baby socks and shoes

Socks are must if your baby is arriving in winters. Baby socks tend to fall so you need to have those in stock with hands on replacement.


Avoid taking clothes which are difficult to get on and off as this is very uncomfortable for the baby to adjust with these kinds of clothes.


After going through the above content we can easily get an idea as to what to buy and how to buy clothing for a baby.