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6 mobile apps every HR manager should use for effective employee management

Best apps for HR managers.

6 mobile apps every HR manager should use for effective employee management

Friday March 23, 2018,

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Work smarter, not harder is the motto that every HR manager strives to live by. Today, there are plenty employee management software solutions which improve the productivity and performance of employees and HR managers. Here are some of the most popular mobile applications which every HR manager should be using:



Northpass is a new-age way of training your employees. The platform gives a unique access to HR managers which can train teams, partners, customers on how to use their product and service. The interface allows HR to drag and drop courses and eLearning material. It also allows access to deep analytics and real-time reporting which works as an added advantage!


PurelyTracking is a complete employee management solution with added benefits of payroll integration and client management. HR managers looking to digitize every process can implement PurelyTracking which is a good option for a time & attendance HR software.


Employees can access key information about projects and managers can get data such as resource allocation, emergency contact within seconds.


Slack is popular platform for inter-company communication between employees and different departments. Slack has shattered the way communication used to work in organizations. Anyone can great groups for different projects, departments, clients and have systemized discussions where everyone can get involved. These tools help to bridge the communication gap and improve the productivity. Added advantage of using Slack is the ability to import data, reports and other documents in the chatrooms.


There’s a lot of research involved before a candidate is hired these days. With so many tools available to the HR, running background check can become an intimidating and tiresome task. This is where GoodHire comes into the picture. 


They aim to approach background checks differently so that it ensures trust and safety for the company! With the help of data mining, the company can also get key information about the candidate.


As the name suggests, this is a great tool to track the expenses and never worry about losing receipts every again. Expensify offers employee management software solutions focusing more on the finances and bills. A lot of times, employees have to travel for official work and have to submit bills for reimbursements. Through Expensify, people can submit bills using mobile phones which saves a lot of manual time often spend on scanning, tracking and organizing.


Trello is a simple and easy way to organize work related tasks and see their progress. When it becomes too difficult to stay updated via chats and email threads, one can use this smart business app for creating task list and assign resource. The managers can create customized to-do lists which are shareable and come with features such as email reminders and update notifications.

Conclusion: The ultimate goal of every HR manager is to have a peaceful work environment, where the employees and managers work cordially and know their responsibilities. By using the applications mentioned above, one can rest assure that the time in the office will be productive.