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List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in California

List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in California

Friday June 21, 2019,

6 min Read

List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in California

List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in California

Right from ordering food to booking a cab or right from taking home services to tracking health activities, right from dating to online shopping, it might seem as if there is a mobile app for everything already. We do not need to juggle to perform these things because of millions app that are present around us.

And why should not there be? Statista reveals that, there are 197 billion apps downloaded in 2017 and its projected to increase this download rate to 352.9 billion in 2021.

By observing this high demands of mobile apps, the need of top mobile app development companies is helps clients to make their app development idea a real one.

How would you filter through the messiness and recognize proven companies that can genuinely breathe life into your fantasy app?

California is an extraordinary spot to start your hunt. Home to a portion of the world's most creative tech companies — Apple, Tesla, and Google, for example — the Golden State is likewise, where a large number of the world's top mobile app development companies are based.

Here's our list of the top 10 mobile app development companies in California.

1. RipenApps Technologies

RipenApps is the leading mobile app development company, which is headquartered in California, USA and successfully running in other locating countries including UAE, Germany, and India. Having huge Industry experience in app development field, they work with the team of talented & experienced employees who are masters at their field. With the vast knowledge, they work on latest tools & technologies for the outstanding results and focus on Startups, Business ventures, entrepreneurs etc to cater them according to their desires. RipenApps is a well-known firm which is famous for their app development services and successfully deploying Apps for Android, iOS, Web, IoT, Beacon, wearables etc.

With a notion of “Ripening ideas into app,” they rendered to their clients with the latest technology, merchandising their brand on a global face, and stimulated their growth by implying agile approach. With 160+ chartbusters apps delivered, they constantly driving their efforts towards building long-lasting relations.


With vast expertise & experience in iOS, Android and web-based technologies, & their diverse skill set allows them to expertly tailor their services to match clients needs across strategy, design, and development for mobile & web apps. From full-project engagements to full-fledged services, they help their clients launch the best projects possible.

2. ArcTouch

ArcTouch is an honor winning mobile development company that is headquartered San Francisco, CA, Founded in 2007 focuses on building connections in person and through their products. They make custom iOS, Android, and Xamarin apps, voice apps, and AI bots for conversational platforms, for example, Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger. Moreover, they represent considerable authority in experience configuration, quickened product development, fast prototyping and verification of idea (PoC) activities, and the sky is the limit from there.

3. Ramotion

As per Ramotion, this company is the #1 benefactor of Swift on GitHub, a main three-plan group on Dribble, and the top UX/UI and Web group on Behance founded in 2009 and headquatered in San Francisco, CA.

This UI/UX design and marking company is a group of multidisciplinary product plan and development specialists who spotlight on interface configuration, marking, and development. Since they are a little studio, Ramotion works with a couple of customers at an opportunity to guarantee that every customer gets the consideration they merit. As the years progressed, Ramotion has had the option to effectively actualize and convey in excess of 150 projects, including full-stack solutions and individual mobile/website design project.

4. Raizlabs

Raizlabs, a Rightpoint company, highly esteems uniting the best user experience ability to connect with customers in giving effective solutions and the company founded in 2003 and headquartered in Oakland and San Francisco, CA. They have some expertise in creating custom iOS and Android apps, web platforms, and other forefront programming.

Together with their Rightpoint colleagues, Raizlabs is comprised of various representatives crosswise over 10 workplaces who work to develop and keep up a straightforward joint effort that stretches out past a product release date. This company likewise endeavors to fuse rising innovation in their work, for example, VR/AR, IoT, Amazon Echo App Development, and that's just the beginning, so as to give a focused and exceptional edge to each extend. Driven by magnificence, activity, effect, and collaboration, Raizlabs makes advanced encounters to promote the manner in which their customers work together.

5. Infinum

Infinum is an autonomous design and app development company that creates and designs programming projects for mobile and web and the the company founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA. They have practical experience in UX/UI plan, Android and iOS advancement, web development, IoT, Cloud services, DevOps, programming testing, and QA. This organization endeavors to assemble programming that makes organizations progressively proficient while making clients' lives simpler. Infinum gives a full-solutions approach over all periods of software development, including innovative idea development, arranging, visual depiction, and development.

6. Dxminds Technologies Inc

DxMinds is a worldwide mobile app development company. The Company is situated in Silicon Valley of USA and India. It gives quality mobile app development benefits in Sanjose. The whole group is great with respect to relational abilities, exceptionally proficient, result arranged. Dxminds Technologies is generally known for an alternate exhibit of mobile app development services like app development, Android app development. Beside mobile app development, Dxminds moreover passes on world-class mobile distributed computing, IoT app development services.

7. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is a worldwide mobile app development company in California. It offers benefits in San Francisco, New York, Dubai, and other real urban communities its administrations incorporate mobile app development, enterprise application development. it has a strong app quicker with their mobile platform and furthermore has pre-made component solutions. Its includes technologies like blockchain &augmented reality to assemble a business security.

8. Photon InfoTech

Established in 1999, Photon InfoTech conveys an alternate Innovative involvement in the digitized market. They help start-up endeavors and different organizations in structure their very own mobile apps. They bring development into each UI/UX structure they construct. Photon positions themselves among one of the quickly developing organizations. Whatever your prerequisite might be, the mobile app development company in California, Photons offers the best services for you.

9. Appster

It is a San Francisco based mobile app Development Company in California. The organization moreover gives app progression benefits in Melbourne, Australia, People's Choice Credit Union, development, ranger service, oceanic, mining, and vitality association, and Anglicare is the genuine clients of Appster. Services that it gives incorporate iOS application development, Android app development, game development.

10. July Rapid

July Rapid is a standout amongst the most experienced mobile app development companies in San Francisco. its headquarter is in Burlingame, California. It gives a wide scope of services on a mobile app like app development; design &marketing etc. Its mobile app services are utilized by a portion of the universes best brand like CNN, ESPN, Intel likewise gives an answer like Iot application &wearable applications.