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Traveling Made Easy- Shed Down the Traveling Budget

The hustle bustle of high costs, managing of the budget, cost-cutting, booking fees, accommodation issues often tend to squeeze out the joy of traveling to the initial state.

Traveling Made Easy- Shed Down the Traveling Budget

Wednesday January 18, 2017,

4 min Read

As the internet is going gaga over traveling plans and suitably mesmerising destinations there are a lot of us who are intending to quit their jobs and pursue their traveling dreams. Some of us take traveling as an activity of escapism while some take it as a necessity to sustain the real meaning of life. But, whether you are a traveler by desire or by passion we all long for a comfortable traveling experience.

The hustle bustle of high costs, managing of the budget, cost-cutting, booking fees, accommodation issues often tend to squeeze out the joy of traveling to the initial state. In fact number of times, it so happens that the travel plans are cancelled given the elongated procedure that leaves us nothing more than being exhausted.

Furthermore, we endlessly struggle with vacation rental plans and booking fees. What seems even more tedious is scrolling through a number of websites and landing upon the bemusement of which one to pick. Shall you go with the one that is cheap and saves your money or the ones that are entitled to good quality guarantees? Isn’t this is what we ask ourselves most of the time? Well, yes without a doubt.

However, there are still a few organisations resuming in the market that solely attempt to enhance our traveling experience. Given the fact that traveling is an expensive affair there are companies that focus on reducing the expenses. One such market is ( Being one of the rental marketplaces the company primarily focuses on providing low-cost plans. This is done by elimination of booking fees and commissions from the owners. 

The company strives in the direction that would improve the guest experience. The strategy that Tripz follows is that of an open communication that enables the travelers to connect with rental providers directly instead of approaching any middleman.

The company has a robust belief that when the communication channel is open i.e. when the traveler contacts the rental provider directly not only the cost drops down but an interpersonal relationship of trust is established. This particular privilege also gives the traveler a space of negotiation with the local property.

How is Tripz doing all this?

There are several policies Tripz is deliberately inculcating which eases out the traveler by adding transparency to the entire process and shortening it as well. They pay attention to low-cost provision of the place. Elimination of any kind of excessive and unnecessary charges is done at hand.

There are no booking fees involves which unquestionable brings the cost down. Involvement of booking charges only screws the budget recognising this Tripz has made sure that there are no booking charges being taken in the form of booking fees. Saving up on booking fees is seriously a huge deal. Furthermore, there are no commissions involved either.

Being a layman tourists often don’t realise the unfair amount they vent out of their pockets unnecessarily. There are a number of sites available on the internet such as Airbnb & HomeAway family. If we begin to calculate there is a difference of more than $500 that goes to the provider and what is barged out of the pockets of travelers. A major chunk is engulfed by these sites which not just effects the budget of the traveler but also seems unfair to the property provider.

The company ensures that no middlemen tend to exist in the chain. The inclination towards transparency definitely makes each traveler look forward to They make it a point to keep the channel of communication absolutely open between the traveler and the local property provider. Once again, an annihilation of commissions saves up your cost in a great way. The preferences given to open communication is vital since it is not just the bedroom that a traveler needs to know. Being a local property provider there is a lot that can be shared and exchanged in order to grasp the exact requirement of the traveler. This open communication, in fact, aids the company in serving the customers for better.

Being someone who travels to cut out from reality and has some quality time with loved ones it is significant that the budget stays in its limit without digging a huge hole in the pocket. After working for an entire year when the vacations arrive all the travelers hope to prepare a travel plan but needless to say the outgrowing costs doesn’t allow them to go that far. Hence, preferring the sites like put an end to these shortcomings giving a good traveling experience. The open communication with local property providers certainly best thing ever happened to us, the frequent travelers


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