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What the Best Ai Chatbots for your business in 2020

What the Best Ai Chatbots for your business in 2020

Saturday February 08, 2020,

7 min Read

Chatbots are the kinds of software which is designed in such a way that it conducts a conversation through the medium of auditory or textual methods.

These are likely artificial intelligent machines which give an opportunity to do human conversation in an easy and faster way. 

It can get these software programmed in certain ways such as through applications (apps) or through online messaging platforms, and on websites as well.

Chatbots have helped the companies in their inbound marketing strategies. Have you ever placed a Starbucks order online app?

If yes, then you must have interacted with Starbuck's chatbot to place your order. There are many other companies which use this chatbot to improve their customer services like pizza hut and many more. 

Chatbots which proved themselves one of the best in 2020 


This is one of the most intelligent Ai Chatbot platforms which can support several things like audio, text, video, AR and VR.

These are all the major messaging platforms combined in one Ai Chatbot platform. They provide the best chat experience to the customer.

This Ai chatbot platform is quite good at engaging and giving an authentic response to the customers. You can use Imperson for different website customer interaction too like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Kik, etc. 


  • relationship memory function used by conversation navigator


  • NLP user intents

  • Provides deep dialogue context to lead the conversation. 

  • Provided the full conversation that ends to end the hot solution by hosting and developing customers bot.

  • Allows real-time insight so that performance can be improved

  • The customer service by this Ai chatbot is very nice, their implementers also guide their customers from setting up the chatbot goals to defining the right voice and personality.

  • The most amazing feature of imperson is that it allows analysis and then determines how to lead the conversation which is based on deep dialogue context, and also the relationship memory.


Botsify is another very popular Ai Chatbot with which helps to organise intelligent chatbots on popular messaging sites like Facebook, Messenger and Slack.

This Ai Chatbot platform doesn't require much time for coding-decoding. 


  • Easy to use and provides drag and drop UI. 

  • Botsify is powered by Ai and machine learning which allows the effortless conversation from a bot to a human agent. This conversation can even be performed in situations where the bot might not be able to help the customer.

  • This Ai platform provides several plugins which help you to integrate it with RSS Feed, Google Sheets, Shopify store, and even Google search.

  • Botsify also provides 14 days of trial experience to their customers. 

  • Botsify also serves the customers on every platform which helps to increase customer retention.

  • Botsify also allows the customer conversation in different languages too. The chatbot is a multilingual Ai chatbot platform which also responds to almost any possible language one can find on the internet.

This Ai software is different from all and is very popular in building management software. This bot is an enterprise-level bot which also allows B2C conversation to improve companies' customer relationships.


  • Have a special online chatbot software solution which is for eCommerce websites.

  • The dashboard is designed in CRM, machine learning and real-time insights so that it can make smarter and faster bots. 

  • This can be easily expanded across the whole customer's experience, 

  • This Ai platform is adopted by many famous companies like Coca Cola, Samsung’s, Nike, etc. 

  • It allows 1 click integration to their customers with their FAQ and customer service software. 

  • It also provides customisations, you can create your templates and copywriting teams will take care of customer needs.


Ai chatbot Aivo is one of the most popular chatbots platforms. This platform takes the customer relationship to another level and helps in more deep conversation and limited resources.

This platform helps the customer and respond in real-time through voice or text messages. Ai chatbot Aivo is adopted by many famous companies like Sony, visa, BBVA, etc. 


  • Adopts the rules of the channel


  • Respond automatically according to the rules with a personalised experience. 

  • This platform also allows integrating with the third-party services Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier, Live, and many others.


Pandorabots is one of the turnkey development Ai Chatbot. Pandorabots is one of the oldest Ai Chatbot platforms. 


  • Ai chatbot Panda Robots is an interactive Chatbot which you can build and deploy by yourselves. This you can build on different portals like on your website, mobile apps, and popular messaging platforms like Kik, Twitter, Telegram, Line, and Slack.

  • Ai Chatbot also allows the support of AIML open standards which helps in two way communication at scale. 

Mobile Monkey 

Mobile monkey is one the Indian Ai chatbot Delhi based platform. Mobile monkey is one of the intelligent Ai Chatbot which helps to build chatbots to our Facebook messenger marketing and that to another level.  


  • Manage the number of lead generation activities like blasts, drip campaigns and even list buildings.

  • It also provides automatic customer services by providing answers to frequently asked questions by the customers and also reduces the wait time.

  • It also supports some sort of customisation and allows you to override your intelligent chatbot and allows you to jump into the conversation at any time, seamlessly.

  • You can use the content once and then can use the same one on every chat platform.

  • Also, provide unified chatbot to customers. 


Chatfuel is one of the most popular and easiest Ai chatbot platforms which allow you to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot easily.

The companies who are looking for a good option among all the Ai Chatfuel, Chatfuel could be an excellent option. 


  • This is one of the best features of Chatfuel that it automatically provides answers to the most frequently asked questions by the customers. 

  • Chatfuel uses Facebook messenger to answer the generally asked question by the customers. 

  • Another important feature is that it allows customizations in which in the middle of the conversation you can even handover the conversation to a human agent in case your online bot isn’t able to answer the question appropriately.

  • Chatfuel never misses any conversation with the customer as human intervention is also allowed in between the conversation. 

  • The agency of Chatfuel provides good customer services as well. 

  • Chatfuel also helps you to create a chatbot using Chatfuel’s software solution, their agency can help you create it too in case when you are not able to create your own online chatbot. 

Boost.Ai helps you create your own intelligent and interactive chatbots for your websites. Boost Ai is one of the most popular and best Ai chatbot platforms to maintain customer relations.

This is one of the fastest Ai chatbot platforms in providing good customer response. This also helps in reducing the time infrequently asked questions as these questions are already provided. 


  • allows easy-to-use API along with a conversation flow editor. This easy to use API helps to train an interactive chatbot easily without entertaining any technical expertise.

  • Boost. Ai also helped in baking companies, insurance, HR, telecom, and even the public sector.

Your Turn

Allthough, all the above AI Chatbots can help your grow your business.

But, which one you found more business oriented?