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Six ways to make your SEO business boom

Incredible ways, to shoot up your SEO business as we want you not shoot for moon but also land on it...

Six ways to make your SEO business boom

Thursday December 22, 2016,

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#SEO #Innovation #AwesomeTips #Google 

#SEO #Innovation #AwesomeTips #Google 

6 Ways to Boom your SEO Business
Correct the following points and your SEO Business is on the high note.

Anyone of us, is about to start a new venture or having a brick and mortar business and running into rough waters. At that time, it is need to rethink and reframe your policies. How you can increase your SEO site, is business is through to have influx of customers into it and what a plight when despite your numerous efforts it is not making success at all. Being critic, won’t be much of help for you and the wrong practice has to be stopped immediately and to eradicate those mistakes, I have formulated some points that should be taken care or rather handled with research and care.


Here are some what around 6 steps I have mentioned that should incorporate immediately:

1. Strategically use of the Keywords: The correct usage of keywords is extremely important as they define the research on internet. For example, if you have Coffee Cafe in Delhi, then the salient keyword is Coffee Cafe in Delhi.

For a better understanding of the keywords, if you want to do some course in Digital marketing in Bangalore then the salient keywords phrase is going to be Digital Marketing Courses Bangalore. I would also say to create a spreadsheet in excel and Google takes up longer phrases too.

Your keywords have to be specific to the company and also think that how you will search particular product by using the keywords.

2. Content is the GURU: Adhere to originality and the more niches your content is, the more booming your SEO business is. Original content needs lots of research, LOADS of it. For creation of good content, first study the topics or if topic is given to you then research the topic well. For example you have a topic – HOW TO TONE UP YOUR BODY.

In this topic, you have pay heed to the gym techniques and if time permits go to nearby gym and document your strategy. In this manner, you will create an OUT OF THE BOX CONTENT.

3. Mobile App Optimization: Mobile App has taken the world by storm and particularly in India after the demonetization move the mobile app has increased considerably. For this Google has created Mobilegeddon or Google Mobile Friendly Update, in this site owners are encouraged to develop mobile content and designs. This also gives tips to increase the speed of site loading on mobile.

4. Optimize your site loading speed: This is the most important factor the site as the speed of loading site gives a jump in conversion rate faster, it helps the visitors to become customers.

5. Earn back link, don’t try to Buy: First, of all it create a bad reputation for your site, these bought links can be easily detected and creates a bad rapo and your site’s ranking falls considerably. Create and publish original content and that will creates the back links naturally.

6. Be Natural : Be original and adhere to the your personal strategy , don’t try to stuff your content with keywords as it won’t be looking original. SEO site should changes the topics on the frequent basis as this will make visibility more to the visitors and also the adding up of new content is means of spreading happiness, knowledge and awareness.


We are here to spread happiness and smiles  

These views are of Mr.Ankit Jain, CEO, EBazar.Ninja- a innovative ecommerce portal, that how the consistency,deligancy and originality effects