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Luxury Welcomes You at Service Apartments in Bangalore!

Monday October 17, 2016,

3 min Read

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka is known for its tourist attractions and perfect weather. It has slowly turned into a business hub with International firms opening up their branches all over. In the heart of Bangalore, the city welcomes you to the concept of luxurious service apartments. These apartments are located at a distance of a few minutes drive from the airport or railway station.

Usually a hotel is the first place that comes to one’s mind when travelling. Yes, hotel apartments in Bangalore do provide you lots of facilities, but they are expensive for some frequent travelers. These luxury service apartments have provided the same facility as much as a Hotel room can provide and at a very reasonable and affordable price along with comfort.

Service apartments in Bangalore have been catching up the attention of companies and travelers lately. They have also become a favorite for the investors who are looking ahead to acquire excellent returns in the form of rent. They can be particularly useful when staying in large groups or over an extended period of time. If there are a number of delegates or travelers from a company or guests during occasions /weddings needing to stay overnight in a city, then a serviced apartment can provide a great focal point and also really help to cut down living costs.

Spacious two and three bedroom, hall, kitchen flats fully furnished with ample room amenities like modular kitchen with kitchen appliances, furnishing, Internet / WiFi, to make your stay affordable and comfortable. Some Apartments may also provide with a Gym, Swimming pool, Play-ground, Spa and Party Hall in their building area.

What else do you want when you get the same facility equivalent to a hotel provided to you at a lesser cost. It’s a Home away from Home with complete security, convenience and privacy. Five-Star luxurious hotel apartments in Bangalore do provide you these same facilities and comfort, but the price is exorbitant and hence many a times unaffordable to the common man. Accommodating your guests during weddings and special occasions can cost you a bomb at any luxury hotel. But service apartments in Bangalore can provide the same facility and at a much better price.

The popularity of the service apartments in Bangalore has increased since this is a new concept in the service industry and gives your business travels and special occasions a different meaning. They are highly recommended for making your stay hassle-free and secure in addition to the comfort and luxury. Enjoy a family holiday or just making yourself comfortable during your office or business travels by staying in service apartments. Well suited for a single person or a group of travelers for long or short-stay in the city of Bangalore.