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11 Innovative Startups from Surat

With differentiated Ideas and Business Models

11 Innovative Startups from Surat

Friday December 06, 2019,

8 min Read

Rich in resources, workforce and talent, India is thriving with eminent startups showcasing their innovation with the support and push by our present government. India has launched a #StartUpIndia project under the leadership of our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 16th January 2016 with the motive to flourish and achieve a colossal turnaround in the Startup ecosystem.

In 2019, we are increasingly coming across Startup Success stories from the Tier-2 cities like Surat contributing to solving problems through innovative means in sectors ranging across healthcare, Education, agriculture, Fin-tech, Blockchain technology etc. Surat is going to be the fastest growing city in the world according to a global economic research report.

To give you an idea about which kind of Startups in Surat are leveraging the power of this scheme, we have compiled and curated the data relating to DIPP recognized Startups from Surat.

1. Melzo



Internet was developed to bring people closer and empower them to share their stories. Melzo, help people to share and discover stories that connect the world, through VR.

Web has been 2D since its inception, but with recent advancements, web is ripe for a 3D immersive revolution and Melzo facilitates the creation of this next gen immersive web-content. It is a web-based platform which simplifies the creation of immersive web-content. 

They help you create universally compatible, interactive & immersive web-experiences in minutes. You do not require any coding or exporting knowledge to use the platform, their VR editor is built to simplify VR content creation for masses with just drag-n-drop, to be shared with just a web-link.

They were 1st amongst 1200 global companies at The Vibrant Gujarat Strat-up Summit, 2018 and were also reported amongst top 20 XR startups in the country in 2017 and made Surat proud on the map of Startups of Gujarat.

Sector : Virtual Reality and 3D Animation

DIPP No. : DIPP3444

2. HKC Concepts LLP

HKC Concepts LLP

HKC Concepts LLP

Its innovative product named “FLIPPY” is the world’s first reversible Micro USB charging cable. Flippy is the reversible Micro USB Cable you can plug into your micro USB port devices either way. The symmetrical connector seamlessly fits and works either way. Not just the Micro USB connector, even the USB 2.0 connector is reversible, making Flippy world’s first truly reversible Micro USB Cable.

This revolutionizes the way smartphones are charged via Micro-usb cable. Its ability to reverse both the sides of the mobile charger cables into their respective ports alongwith the feature of tangle free nature of the cable makes it hassle free for users.

Sector : Mobile Accessories

DIPP No. : DIPP13175

3. iKoVerk Studios LLP

iKoVerk Coworking Space

iKoverk Coworking Space

iKoVerk is a Vibrant Co-working Space” in Surat that converges people from different Professional Backgrounds which may include Startups, Freelancers, Consultants, and Young Entrepreneurs. The idea is to offer “a Plug and Play” Workdesk with a wide array of amenities and provide people an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other coworkers.

The “Synergy” surely works when one get exclusive access to the “Think Tank” – the Mentors spanning across various fields of expertise and their highly “curated community events” like Investor Meetups, Demo Days, Open Mics etc. helping coworkers to Co-rise and improve their business growth trajectory.

Sector : Co-Working space

DIPP No. : DIPP13825


Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry

Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry

Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry, also known as STAR is a research-based startup that aims to make space travel commercial and to develop a culture of space research in India. STAR also provides a platform for students who want to design, build and launch sounding rockets and small satellites. It provides internship and hand on experience of working on a High powered Rocket.

They firmly believe that Space is for everyone and they realize their aim by building easy, economical and efficient launch vehicles for small satellites.

Sector : Satellite and Space

DIPP No. : DIPP31595

5. Deal Box

Deal Box


Deal Box is the one app for all the smart deals for your favourite places, they help you discover the best places in the city and offers the top deals and offer from the finest restaurants, spas, gyms, health and wellness.

Rescuing you from splurging every time, Dealbox saves your money with the awesome deals with Zero membership cost from consumers. Kudos to the Founders that this local based bootstrapped Startup has been able to structure much better Deals for the Consumers than Zomato or Swiggy by providing Coffee or Pastry for just Re 1. 

Sector : E-Deals through Mobile App

DIPP No. : DIPP32659

6. Accounting Baba

Accounting Baba

Accounting Baba

Accounting Baba is India's first job portal for Accountants, where they provide in-depth insight into the Indian accounting market. Their mission is to provide quality candidates to the recruiters and a suitable job to the aspirant as per the industry standards and they do it by helping the candidates to build extra-ordinary resumes to attract the recruiters.

They have a huge database and a lot of filter options which helps them in designing their portal in such a way that it provides an employer with both fresher and experienced employees as per their requirements.

Their ultimate aim is to create an overall hiring experience for employers with innovative hiring solutions.

It is only one of the 221 Startups of India who have been granted a certificate to avail tax exemption under the Income tax law.

Sector : HR Solutions for Skilled Accountants

DIPP No. : DIPP36400

7. WooHoo Screens

WooHoo Screens

WooHoo Screens

WooHoo Screens is a digital out-of-home advertising media, they have come up with an idea to revolutionize in the field of advertisement by introducing indoor TV LED screen advertisement installed at premiere locations spanning across restaurants, multiplex, food joints, general stores, business parks etc. showcasing plethora of products and services .  

They do not just want to place screens and play video ads, we want to enable their customers with a innovative platform to have video as a powerful, strong and effective story telling medium. It is captivating for the audience for instance if a person is waiting in a line to be served, this time will be spent on watching the advertising spots running at the moment.

Sector : Outdoor Media Advertisement

DIPP No. : DIPP12178

8. iconscout



“” is a “design asset” marketplace for Icons, Illustrations and Stock Photos. They are a global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality assets, tools and services.

They are building the next-generation Design Resource Marketplace and Design Assets Management tools to simplify the collaboration between designers, engineers, product managers, and teams across organization.

They are on a mission to help the world bring design assets on hand with a belief that imagery has the power to move the world. and MyScout helps in the management of growing assets which is one of the biggest challenge of this industry.

It is only one of the 221 Startups of India who have been granted a certificate to avail tax exemption under the Income tax law.

Sector : Design and Development

DIPP No. : DIPP25664

9. RAHI ENGenius Solutions LLP

RAHI ENGenius Solutions LLP

RAHI ENGenius Solutions LLP

RAHI ENGenius Solutions came up with the way of easy solutions in the field of mechanical engineering by utilizing their ability to perform process improvement studies & suggesting suitable improvements for cycle time reduction & cost savings in manufacturing.

They provide Static Equipment Design, New Product Development, 3-D Modelling, Drafting & Analysis, Manufacturing Engineering & Fixture Design, Training & Software Validation, CE Certification & Technical Writing, Engineering Application development.

Sector : Engineering

DIPP No. : DIPP5429

10. digiQC



The flagship product of Spaceify Technologies Private Limited, is in the name of “digiQC” that simplifies and facilitates the daily work of engineers and site inspectors and other person who perform technical assessments of buildings ordering inspections or audits on-site performed anywhere online or offline on any mobile device. 

The Solution shall make inspections and quality check of real estate and construction project easy through the use of in-app check-lists and by eliminating Paper, PDF or MS Excel inspection forms.

Sector :  Construction Monitoring and Quality Check

DIPP No. : DIPP44048

11. Cerebroz Edutree LLP

Cerebroz Edutree

Cerebroz Edutree

World’s first TV Ad Replacer/Blocker, “Edutree”, replaces TV Ad’s with the K12 educational content, saving the viewers from disruption and harmful effects of unwanted ad programs on their brain while simultaneously educating them with animation contents with a topic of their choice both automatically or by switching manually.

The vision of Cerebroz EduTree is to convert negative effects of screen in to positive ones. To make it a reality EduTree's core concept works not only on TV but also on mobile and tablet to provide world class K12 education which makes sure your child learns the best no matter what digital screen he/she is occupied with.

It is only one of the 221 Startups of India who have been granted a certificate to avail tax exemption under the Income tax law.

Sector : Edutech

DIPP No. : DIPP3061

Coworking Spaces like iKoVerk, are accelerating the growth of a lot of start ups in Surat by connecting people from different backgrounds to work together and yet grow individually.