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Top 5 best selling Magento marketplace extensions

There are many good Magento marketplace extensions out there. But, the prime differences are price and the available add-ons that can boost the functionality of the marketplace feature.

Top 5 best selling Magento marketplace extensions

Tuesday June 13, 2017,

3 min Read

It is extremely vital for businessmen and organizations to create an online store for getting more and more sales online. Most of the companies choose Magento as a development platform. We know that it is not easy to compete with popular online stores at start up base, but not impossible. In the post, we have described top 5 Magento Marketplace extensions that must be in your store that will help to boost your sales and conversion rate.

1. Vnecoms Marketplace Extension- Price: $399

It enables vendors to have a separate panel where sellers can manage their products, invoices, sales, shipments, etc. You customize their storefront within your Magento marketplace and can also manage your stores from any mobile device with a responsive panel. Vnecoms provides a variety of affordable packages you can choose from. As an Admin, you can group sellers, manage transactions, create custom vendor registration forms from the back-end. Additionally, you can set commission rates for each and every group. The platinum package comes with lots of extras, foe example vendor reviews, various shipping options, live chat and so on. Store owners can buy these features individually.

2. Ajoft Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension- $499.00

This is really a great Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension with amazing support. Being one of the best marketplace extension, it can turn any Magento store into a successful online marketplace like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal. The Magento marketplace comes with plenty of amazing features such as Vendors Management, Vendor Groups, Checkout Modes, Vendor Login, Vendors Attributes, Product Management, Payment Gateways, Notifications, Vendor RMA, Orders Management, Commission Management, Money Back Guarantee and so on. Read More Details

3. Marketplace Multi-Vendor - Price: $199

You can use it to convert your Magento store into a marketplace. Its features include fabulous design for seller portal, orders, invoices, options to manage the product catalog, manifest, payments and much more.The interface of the marketplace is simple and user-friendly. Also, the admin can easily manage sellers, products, orders, Payouts, and commissions. Keep in mind that there are several multivendor extension available for Magento store, so picking the best one is the first step for your online store.

4. Apptha Marketplace- Price: $499

Another great Magento marketplace extension, the seller space is apart from the Magento back-end. Things which make it a great marketplace extension are a one-step checkout, Social login, and the ability of vendors to set deals. Same like Vnecoms Marketplace Extension, you can set commission rates or various vendors, approve seller requests, view live sales updates, etc. Apart from this, you can display labels for new items. You can view a dashboard that provides sales performance information.

5. Marketz - Multi Vendor Marketplace - Price: $99

This is a good option if you are looking for an extension that provides plenty of features at a low cost. Marketz costs only $99 and has many features that most other plugins provide at double price. Some of the key features of this marketplace are managing vendors, managing commission, assigning categories and options to set trusted vendors, managing orders, online transactions, Paypal adaptive payment, approving or rejecting items, email notifications, etc.

There are many good Magento marketplace extensions out there. But, the prime differences are price and the available add-ons that can boost the functionality of the marketplace feature. To evaluate the features an extension provides, it is vital to consider the reputation and extension support of the developer. So, ensure the custom software development company offers support from certified Magento developers.