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Top Resume writing tips to get an interview call

Resume writing tips

Top Resume writing tips to get an interview call

Tuesday April 10, 2018,

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If you are looking for a new job, you need a good resume for getting an interview call. You need to create an updated resume to show your education, work experience, and skills to the employers. If you start searching for the resume writing tips online, you will find plenty of information on it. There are hundreds of tips available for writing an effective resume, but it is best to follow the most important tips and keep your resume simple yet professional.

Let us check out some of the best resume writing tips to help you create an effective resume that can get you an interview call. Resume to You offer professional online service for resumes.


Use the correct format

A correct and clear format is essential for a resume as it makes it easily readable. The hiring managers spend only 10 to 15 seconds to read a resume. Resumes written in an easy and simple format are easy to read. If you don’t know the correct format, you can download an online resume template and fill in your information.

The hiring manager can easily read about your education, work experience, and skills and select your resume for the interview. The correct format includes proper headings, subheadings, margins, and text which improve the readability of your resume.

Write the relevant keywords

It is important to write the relevant keywords in your resume that matched the job description. Keywords are important as some companies use software to scan the resumes. If you don’t write the necessary keywords, the software will not find them and reject your resume.

On the other hand, when you include the keywords matching the job description, they are scanned by the software and your resume is selected for further process. Keywords are also important to include in the cover letter as it is also scanned by the software.

Skills that match the Job requirements

You should create a resume that matches the job requirements of the employer. Include your skills that are relevant to the job. For example, if you want to apply for an IT job, you should mention you core IT skills, like PHP, WordPress or the software which you have learned.

If you want to apply for a writing job, mention the related writing skills like article writing, blog writing, news writing, etc. Don’t forget to mention any additional qualifications or certifications if they match the job requirements.

Don’t forget your Accomplishments

Some candidates write the education and work experience but forget to mention their accomplishments in the resume. A resume is a document, that market your skills and strengths, not just a means of showing your biodata. Some applicants write the previous job duties instead of accomplishments, but they don’t make you stand out among other applicants.

You should highlight your accomplishments in addition to the job duties, which does your marketing for getting the job. Accomplishments that are relevant to the job increase your chances of getting the interview call. For example, you can write about how you rectified a problem in your previous job, how you handled a team or achieved a target.

Replace the objective with a career summary

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Most of the job applicants write the objective as the first point in their resume that is not much important for the job. Moreover writing an objective does not tell your story or market your skills. It is better to write a career summary instead of an objective. Career summary tells the hiring manager about your qualifications and work experience in brief. Hiring managers spend a few seconds on a resume, and they might shortlist your resume by merely reading the career summary.

Organize the text to improve readability

Write the text in the correct format to make it easily readable and understandable. Resumes having clusters of text are simply trashed by the hiring managers. Use a simple font in your text and leave proper space for easy readability. Also, you should keep the size of your text up to 10 or 11. Never use a stylish or italic font, it looks unprofessional. Instead use simple fonts like Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman and leave some space after writing every two or three line.

Do not include too much information

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You should write only the relevant information in your resume that matches the job requirements. You don’t need to write everything about yourself on the resume. Some candidates write the things they have done in school and college which are not required in the resume. It only makes your resume lengthy, and it takes time to find the relevant information.

Candidates should write only the relevant information in their resume. A brief overview of the educational qualifications, work experience, accomplishments in previous jobs, skills and a few hobbies are enough to create an effective resume.

Some experts suggest keeping your resume restricted to one page only, but it is not necessary. If you have a lot of qualifications or you have worked in a lot of companies, you can extend it to two pages, but you should provide proper space between the lines and paragraphs to make it easily readable.

Prioritize the content

You should write the content in the order of priority. The hiring managers are interested in your latest qualifications and work experience. So it is important to write the latest qualifications first and then the previous ones. For example, if you are a postgraduate, write about of post-graduation degree first followed by graduation and other qualifications.

Similarly, while writing the work experience, first of all, write about your role in the last company you worked for followed the previous work experience. Moreover, you should mention your career summary on the top, followed by your profile, education, work experience, achievements, and hobbies. You can mention the contact information on the top of your resume.

Final words

A good resume is required to make you stand out among the other job applicants. Follow these simple resume writing services to make your resume more effective and market your skills and experience to get a call for the job interview.