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Why I am grateful to my mentor, Steve Jobs

Lessons everyone must learn from the late Steve Jobs, if you want to start a sustainable venture in today's startup ecosystem.

Why I am grateful to my mentor, Steve Jobs

Saturday November 04, 2017,

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Steve jobs………

A man who just love technology. 

A man who just love designing.

A man who just love the beauty of nature.

A man with endless creativity

And a man who was just passionate and crazy enough.

Everything I know today is because of Steve Jobs, I am a big follower of Steve Jobs and I just admire him and his way of running a company. So today I am going to share some of the important lessons I have learned from him and I think we should consider these lessons before starting any venture.

#LessonNo1 — Passion and Craziness are the two things that are required to do great work and to achieve a great life.

I learned that to do the great work, first you need to be passionate enough because passion is the only thing in this world which can drive you to do what you believe is great work.And if you are not passionate enough then it would be hard to do great work and you will give up early. And to change the world, first, you need to be crazy enough to think that you can do everything. Think so big that people will think you are crazy enough.In that craziness try to change the world with your work, philosophy and creativity.

#LessonNo2 — Don’t just accept the things as it is, try to improve it, change it, influence it and make a dent in the universe.

Steve Jobs had been the pioneer for digital innovations, and it was his craziness to build things that can improve the life of other people and change this world into the digital one. He did not accept the things as it is, He always tried hard to improve it and change it (Be it the personal computer, a music player, a mobile phone). This was the lesson I learned from him that If you want to bring some change in the world then observe the things, find flaws, problems in them and then try to improve them, try to change them and make a mark upon them.

#LessonNo3 — Think different, Be different.

The apple 1997 ad campaign, “Think Different” showed the world that How some of the ordinary people(Einstein, Gandhi, Muhammad Ali and many more) changed the world with their different thoughts and simple work. It taught me that to make a mark upon the world or change something you need to think differently. Your thoughts, your ideas, your being need to be different and you just need to follow a well unknown path and that will make all the difference.

#LessonNo4 — Customer experience, values, and vision are the core of any company.

In the movie Jobs, John Sculley said: “Apple is not selling a computer, Apple is selling what you can do, It is a tool for mind and that is limitless”. Steve Jobs always believed in customer experience that how Apple products can create life-changing experiences whether be it iMac, iPod or an iPhone (We had seen long queues when an iPhone gets launched).Steve Jobs always believed that a company becomes great when it is has a vision to follow, a set of values and upon these, it can create products with great experiences.Steve Jobs always believed that a great company should have a vision and values upon which they can create great products that create the long lasting experiences.So, When you start a company set a vision, create values and create a line of products that people will fall in love with.

#LessonNo5 — Leaving the dots is important.

Steve Jobs shared his philosophy about connecting the dots in his commencement speech and he always said do whatever you think is right, always follow your heart and intuition. Because your work is going to be like dots which will help you to connect with your future.I learned that every single day do whatever you love, what your heart loves to do no matter whether it is important in present or not. Always follow your heart and intuition because they know everything about you, you will never know somewhere in life you will find these things great.So, at every single point in your life create dots and when you will be on your deathbed, connect these dots, you will surely see a path.

#LessonNo6 — Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

The secret to live a great life is to stay always hungry and foolish. Be hungry for knowledge always. Always learn, Always try different things, every single day of your life.Things to learn will never end in this world, so try to learn everything.Always Stay foolish throughout your life and try to solve those problems that people say cannot be solved and always think about those things that people don’t care and try to change them & push the human life forward.

I know that Steve jobs whole life is a lesson but these are some of the core lessons I have learned from him and I will always be grateful to him. Every day I try to implement these lessons, sometimes I succeed sometimes I fail, but I always try.And I always try to observe the world like him.

He died on 5 October 2011 and the world lost a great man but something he left for us, a great legacy to follow, great lessons to learn and a great life to be lived.