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Best 5 Video Editing Software For Mac

Best Free and Premium Video Editing Software for Mac Users

Best 5 Video Editing Software For Mac

Monday March 30, 2020,

7 min Read

Is there any best free video editing software for Mac users available? What features should you look for in the best video editing software for Mac? Numerous individuals ask such questions in forum discussions. The answer to your questions is that there is a massive range of best video editing software for Mac available online. Whether you want to add titles, soundtrack, and stylish transitions or want to give a professional colour combination to your video presentation, there are various Mac video editing software available that will create professional-looking videos for you.

As you know now, there is plenty of video editing software available for Mac users, so how will you figure out the best software for your next video project? Well, you need not worry about it, as we have done all the groundwork research for you and brought together the top 5 video editing software for Mac.

Top 5 video editing software for Mac in 2020

#1 InVideo -Online Video Editor

InVideo Online Video Editor is our top pick in the list of best video editing software available for Mac today. The online video editor by InVideo gives you the ability and flexibility to create gorgeous videos that generate leads in a matter of minutes. You will discover all the tools in this video editor that you require to create stunning videos for commercial or personal use.

You can easily create incredible videos by choosing from thousands of images, text boxes, and attractive stickers etc. You can also use your own media and music to perfectly create your video. You don’t need any experience to make videos with InVideo Online Video Editor as it comes feature-packed that save your valuable time. Instead, use that precious time to create more stunning videos and grow your business effectively.

The best features of InVideo Online Video editor include Trim & Resize, Transitions & Animations, Image Filters, Stickers & Overlays, etc. You just need to sign up or log in to InVideo’s free online Video editor. Choose the amazing in-built customizable video templates. Add your media and music or choose from a wide range of media libraries by InVideo Online Video Editor. Customize the video template, the way you want. Preview and edit. Once you are finished with your video editing and publish it wherever you want.

The intuitive online video editing software by InVideo can help you a long way to create ads, how-to videos, product videos, promo videos, testimonial videos, etc. So, go ahead and grab this software for free. Sign-up today on InVideo Online Video Editing Software for Mac and create stunning videos in just minutes!

Platform Support: Mac & Windows | Key features: Intelligent Video Frames, Multiple Layers, Power Transitions, Multilingual Videos | 

Subscription: Two Simple Business and Unlimited Plans | Best for Creative Video Professionals and enthusiasts

#2 Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is another best video editing software for Mac. What’s more, as you would speculate with Apple, this must-have video editor is perfectly easy to use and bring together a range of features to guarantee the expensive price tag. You will appreciate the professional effect options, grouping tools, and the direct way you can add and edit soundtracks. In case you're as already familiar with Apple's ecosystem, you'll acknowledge how Final Cut Pro X smartly coordinates with your iTunes and Photo collections.

It supports 64 camera angles and automatic audio syncing that makes creative professionals’ lives much easier. So, all in all, whenever you want to do Mac video editing, Final Cut Pro X is the best option you can go for without any doubt!

Platform Support: Mac | Key features: Multicam video editing, Smart colour balancing | Video tracks: Unlimited

Free trial: 30-day | Best for Creative Video Professionals and enthusiasts

#2 Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Similar to all Adobe's professional products, Adobe Premiere Pro is only available with a subscription package and buying in for a year will cost you nearly as much as purchasing Final Cut Pro X outright. However, if you would prefer your video editing tools and particularly the timeline to work and look like a conventional non-linear video organizer; you may choose Premiere Pro over Final Cut Pro’s Magnetic Timeline.

In many respects, Adobe Premiere Pro is quite similar to its Apple rival, providing a full range of colour correction and audio editing tools, as well as multi-formats supports, effects and all the output options you’re going to need.

The main feature that Mac users will notice is the difference in rendering execution, especially on top of the line Mac products such as iMac Pro or Mac Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is designed for Mac and Windows and optimized in a way that supports multi-core GPU and CPU in a similar way that Final Cut Pro is.

Platform Support: Mac and Windows |

Key features: 3D & Multi-camera editing | Video tracks: Unlimited |

Free trial: Yes | Best for Video Professionals and enthusiasts

#3 Filmora

Filmora is yet another best video editor for Mac users, or those just starting their video editing practice on Mac. It can be used for various creative videos, business presentations, marketing videos or to create product demo videos. Its interactive interface will make it easy for you to begin with, and there are various effects, built-in titles, transitions, etc. designed especially for growing YouTubers.

There's additionally a library of royalty-free audio effects and music to give your videos a great impact, in addition to the facility to record your media to incorporate, directly inside the tool.

Apart from the essential video editing tools, you will also get a chance to use compositing tools for creating innovative videos by using layering clips and green-screen effects. Filmora for Mac also supports 4K video editing, multi-format sources as well as multiple-footage.

You will also be able to import multiple videos and use hundreds of multimedia layers to create complicated videos in a matter of minutes. As soon as you complete your video project on Filmora, you can directly share it on Vimeo, Facebook or quickly transfer on DVD for further usage. The price range of Filmora software varies for commercial or personal use and offers a dedicated price range for Windows and Mac Users.

Platform Support: Mac and Windows | Key features: 4K video editing support, built-in titles and effects |

Free trial: Available | Best for Enthusiasts

#4 DaVinci Resolve

Give DaVinci Resolve a try for the best video editing in Mac. This is the free version of DaVinci Resolve Studio. This is free, yet it brings great professional tools like image stabilization and the best colour correction feature. In this free version, you can work at frame rates of up to 60fps and convert your video in SD, HD, and Ultra HD format.

It has a full advanced audio workstation to edit sound, which means you won't need to leave the application to get the music.

Edit within the tools the way you want to do it. It's available online on the Mac App Store; however, if you are looking for the full features of this free version, get it from the Blackmagic site.

Platform Support: Mac and Windows | Key features: 8K editing, colour correction, visual effects, and audio editing |

Free trial: Available | Best for Enthusiasts & Professionals


We are sure that now you may have discovered the best video editor for Mac after reading this article. We highly recommend you to use InVideo amongst all the others.

You can also go for InVideo’s video editor online to design appealing videos and can directly share your video links on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.