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Doctor Parivar - An Online Healthcare Startup to Redefine Doctor-Patient Relationship

An Online platform which would let people find and hire a Family Doctor. What it primarily  aims to bring across  is Preventive Care (lets prevent the suffering), rather than the general approach for Medication & Treatment after falling ill.

Doctor Parivar - An Online Healthcare Startup to Redefine Doctor-Patient Relationship

Thursday June 23, 2016,

5 min Read

Doctor Parivar, a healthtech startup which has just come out of the womb, promises to revolutionize the online health care industry and bring a paradigm shift in the Doctor- Patient relationship. Till now, the general practice is that usually when someone falls ill in the family, a frantic search for doctor is being carried out. As a result of which the patient ends up going to a new doctor every time, who neither knows the patient well nor his past medical history, the other way round even the patent doesn’t know much about the doctor. Hence, the Doctor-Patient relationship gets constrained to consultation fees & a piece of paper called Prescription. What’s more ironic is that most of the times patients assume that the Doctor would make him visit twice or thrice or even more because that’s the source of earning for the Doctor. This never lets the sense of trust & mutual admiration develop between the patient and the doctor. Both of them start looking at each other like a buyer and seller or service provider only.

Doctor Parivar, India’s 1st Online Family Doctor Platform aims to be the platform bridging this gap and connecting millions of families to get their Family Doctor and buy family doctor plans Online. It is a place where one can search for doctors, view their profiles, compare them & purchase Family Doctor plan Online. One can buy plans according to his family size & the tenure he wishes and that brings him un-parallel care from the Family Doctor till the validity of the plans. So it’s a kind of buying an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMC) for the wellness of family. Just like you buy AMCs for many of your assets like Air Conditioner or Water Purifier, Doctor Parivar lets you get a Doctor and purchase an AMC Plan for your treatment, care & well-being. Till now Doctor Consultancy has been largely postpaid meaning that user has to pay for doctor’s fees after visiting and availing services whereas Doctor Parivar intends to turn it into prepaid where the user pays once and then stays relaxed till the validity of the plan.

“Looking at the typical consumer psychology, while hiring a family doctor at Doctor Parivar, the fees are paid in advance and hence the doctor would ideally like you to stay fit & fine or even if you fall ill he would like you to be cured at the earliest, simply because the Doctor wont earn money from your visits. The less your visit, the more revenue sense t carries for the Doctor,” Says Shikha R Kumar, Co Founder & CEO , Doctor Parivar. “Moreover, Family Doctor Plans or you can say the fees of such AMC plans are priced in such a way that bring you discounts in the overall consultation fees of the doctor thereby reducing the costs of treatment & healthcare considerably”, adds Shikha.

Aman, a techie with restless passion for work & Shikha,  a woman entrepreneur  and idea factory

Aman, a techie with restless passion for work & Shikha,  a woman entrepreneur  and idea factory

We understand that in India, everyone has heard of Family Doctor but people rarely have one for their family. You may find people having a doctor whom they visit more often when needed but having an actual family doctor is quite uncommon. Considering the ever escalating medical charges and lack of experienced non-commercial medical professionals, at times choosing the right doctor that suits your family’s needs becomes a hassle, and you end up meeting a different doctor each time. So how do you find a doctor who understands you and your family well and can give you the most reliable and superior medical advice and cure? The core objective of our healthtech startup is to solve this problem in people’s life,” says Aman Sagar, Co Founder and CTO, who has been at the helm of entire technological development. “Doctor Parivar is not just another listing directory of doctors or a search engine to find doctors, rather it goes against the concept of such players head on. The other platforms provide you the facility to search doctor and book appointment every time you need whereas the core philosophy behind Doctor Parivar s search once, get a family doctor & relax. No need to search every time, book appointments and panic, your family doctor is available for you 24*7 through phone, website & his clinic. You can meet him or even talk to him over the phone. So what you get from your family doctor is care and not just prescriptions, that why we call Doctor Parivar as care beyond prescriptions”, adds Aman.

As of now, Doctor Parivar platform is soft live and primarily open to Doctors, inviting them to Register their profiles & plans. Once we get some hundreds of doctors on board, we will take it further to the end users, inviting them to get their Family Doctors and that’s when the real entrepreneurship game begins. Doctor Parivar has started adding doctors at its platform through Online & Offline marketing initiatives and plans to cover 8-10 largest cities in the country in a year’s time.

Doctor Parivar Website - 

Doctor Parivar Website - 

A private limited company established in 2016 and based at Noida (India) , Dr. Parivar Healthtech Pvt. Ltd. is a dream turned into a reality by two aspiring first generation entrepreneurs, Ms Shikha R Kumar and Mr Aman Sagar. Shikha, a 33 year woman entrepreneur, comes from the world of business and finance and is the driving force behind entire operations whereas Aman, a 23 year engineering grad, has a knack for technology and product development; and together they collaborated to conceptualise and create the world’s first family doctor platform- Doctor Parivar.