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Register for Professional Artist and Casting Directors

Wednesday October 26, 2016,

3 min Read

As it is always said that, to achieve big in life, vision should be big, At ReelCastle we have a clear vision of cutting the barriers and gaps between producer/director/music director and artists who are striving hard to make it in Indian Cinema and Television.

Get ready and pedal up you gears to make history and accelerate your growth with us. Inviting you to join the India’s fastest growing portal, exclusively for the people aiming and dreaming for Films and Television.

Everyone is having the freedom to be outstanding, and at ReelCastle we strongly believe into this. Having IT (Information technology) background of our parent company SS Group, we have all the technical instruments which are required to make it big for you. Our entire staff is committed to work hard to cover the current gap between an artist and the producers.

Though not being the first or the only one working in this arena or idea, still we are having different ways of working where we strive hard to make it easier and approachable, being the fastest growing organization into the sector we have not forgot the our ethics, our virtues and our fundamentals of being an Indian. We are always open for the new ideas, hence all our staff is free to do something new and innovative for the betterment of the process and artists.

Being and Indian company we understand emotions and dreams of each individual, by joining ReelCastle you will never feel being in an organization or an agency, company and consultancy. Our each and every staff is like a family and so we treat to the artists associated with us, In your career path we your companion and as a family member with you for the fulfilment of your dreams.

Gone are the days when only set of few people were having access to Indian Cinema, today’s world is of “right to equality” we strongly believe that talent is not bounded with area, locality, state, country or locations, we are in Incredible India where every part of it is having bunch of wonderful artists across the states. To make a bridge between the career makers and artists of Indian Cinema we have worked hard for several years and came up with ReelCastle, so we understand the nerve of people striving for their dreams.

Art is not bounded of recognition, it has if own way, with ReelCastle you can earn for whatever you do, whatever you feel and whatever you love. It’s all through our platform, join here, grab jobs here, work here and earn here, it’s a Castle for every artist or person who relate his/her life to it. Lets live art.

Here with Reelcastle you have the excellent platform to make it big, being an Casting Director/Director/Producer/Music Director/Editor/Choreographer & Cinematographer you have the right place to post your requirements and audition updates, which makes your process easier to find suitable artists for your projects, and being an Actor/Model/Dancer/Singer/Musician/Camera Man/Graphic Designer you can find here the genuine people from the industry to provide you ladder for your career path, our chat feature makes it more convenient to understand the real requirements, capabilities and guidance for the upcoming artists by established artists from the Industry. You can register with us reelcastle and take a big step towards framing your career in reels.