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Startup learning !!!

What you get working in a startup

Thursday June 01, 2017,

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It has been almost more than 3 years working in a startup. 

When I started working, I was just a fresher who had no idea what to do and on which path to make a career. Just by luck got the chance to work in a company as a HR associate, after that was very happy to learn new things BT all the thing I was learning was just related to paper work, which I personally dint liked. By noticing my talent and hard work, director of company gave me an opportunity to work in a new venture that was online home services marketplace(raghukaka.com).

Then the Journey begins....

It was a new concept when we started to work on this....

Customer can Book Services Online Through website OR App, This was very exciting for us because we wear solving a very big problem and also knew their is Hug potential in this segment.

First Learning (Vendor On boarding),

Started to work on Vendor building (Pro network) who will provide service to customer at their Home, Challenge was to identify in 1-2 meeting whether the Guys are suitable to provide quality service as per the company requirement, it was a bit easy job because i use to take interview as HR. In a Spam of one month we build-ed a network of more than 100 people who genuinely wanted to earn more and professionally

Learning in Vendor On boarding got to know how this business man thinks, What are their expectation for a professional company like us, Understood all the service in deep, Eg How Cleaning is Done Professionally, AC Service, Handyman work, Yoga Session, Zumba, In short i was full with the knowledge of all the 50 service we wear suppose to provide to Customers.

Second Learning (Marketing),

We Started marketing Our product, Their was not benchmark which we could follow and Market our Service to our customer in a very cost effective manner because we wear Self Funded, So then we started trying all the medium Available for Marketing and realized all of them has no immediate return and also you cannot calculate the return on Spend done for individual marketing.

Learning in Marketing (BTL activity (Society Promotions, Corporate Promotion, Theater Promotion, Direct Promotion on road, Banners, Pamplet activity,etc) , ATL activity (Radio Campaign), Direct Marketing (SMS Campaign, Email Campaign etc )

Third Learning (PR activity)

The segment which attract all the startups, Everyone wants a news coverage for people to know about their Work also active investor to read about them, what problem they are trying to solve. We wear on the same page like every startup, we wanted to be famous, wanted news coverage, So we started to Meet All the top PR agency & Freelancers,

PR Learning How does Print Industry Works, How News Channel work. How you get coverage in both the medium.etc

Fourth Learning (Accounts & Finance)

Very critical Department for startup or any organization, Number of order been generated need to be mapped in system also our commission received or not, How the company will grow every month on month OR year on year. Need to work with accounts team for daily system entry Also with Outsourced parties who handle the compliance part of the company.

Account & Finance Learning Commission Model, Taxation in startup or E commerce company, Valuation Matrix, Projection for Company growth, Loan System,Investor pitching etc

Fifth Learning (Operations)

Operations being the department, where we start getting business, How you deal with customer at starting of your business matters, You have to be close to every customer who is booking service from you, create personal touch with each one of them.

This customer gives you another customer, also if provided quality service to them, your Loyal Customer chain will automatically start building.

Operations Learning how to talk to customer, How to solve their problem in single call, Data maintenance, Customer behavior,Repeat Purchase,etc

Sixth Learning & Very Important (Product)

In Online Business, Product is the game changer, The better product you have, More attraction you build.

Just Surfing on website is so easy and looks so convenient for user to click and book the service OR buy product but building the website and eliminating the bugs is the biggest task.

Product Learning Website Development, Android App development, IOS App development, APIs

Learning still continues and it will continue till the day life ends....

This is in short what an employee learns working in a startup, Journey has been for only 2 years and got to knew about all the department available in normal business environment also at the age of 23.

Keep working in a startup and gain Knowledge very important for career growth.

Thanks !!!