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Protect your heart without surgery

Shanikrupa Heartcare Centre is the best Heart care center and  known for non invasive cardiology.

Thursday March 02, 2017,

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Although heart disease is a major problem in our INDIA for not only MEN but also heart disease is most common cause of death for WOMEN. Now one challenge is to reverse heart disease and prevent heart disease in front of INDIA. For these purpose SHANIKRUPA HEARTCARE introducing a new non-surgical treatments which reverse your heart blockages prevent heart attack & reverse heart disease and it is the BEST HEART DISEASE PREVENTION IN PUNE.

We offer the CHELATION THERAPY FOR HEART DISEASE, ARTERIAL CLEARANCE THERAPY & EECP THERAPY it is best HEART BLOCKAGE TREATMENT WITHOUT SURGERY. You will get all treatments in one roof only. SHANIKRUPA has experienced doctors and Nurses staffs which are take good care for your heart. We give treatment in doctor’s observation.

CHELATION THERAPY FOR HEART DISEASE (arterial clearance therapy): chelation means to grab. Chelation therapy given through I.V. which dissolve the arterial blockages and throw out off the body through urine. It is completely safe procedure and gives twice in week only. For the treatment don’t need to be admit in hospital. These treatments have minimal side effects.

EECP THERAPY: EECP is the Enhance External Counter Pulsation. these treatment is completely non surgical and we are not giving any medicine or any injections these treatment is the mechanical procedure in which the patient has to lie on comfortable table and the cuffs are tied around legs and thighs. During the treatment the pressure of the cuff is inflate and deflate; so the blood supply to the heart is reverse and increased. These treatments are taken 1 hour daily and total 35 sessions are given. Hence EECP THERAPY is best HEART BLOCKAGE TREATMENT WITHOUT SURGERY.

IT IS NOT BOUND THAT CHELATION THERAPY FOR HEART DISEASE , ARTERIAL CLEARANCE THERAPY AND EECP THERAPY is only take by patients the person who wants to healthy heart they can also undergo these treatments and these treatments play major role in healthy life and BEST HEART DISEASE PREVENTION IN PUNE.


 Avoid bypass surgery

 Avoid angioplasty

 Reduces the blood cholesterol level

 Decrease the chest pain, breathlessness

 Lower the high blood pressure

 Increase the energy level

 Dissolve intra-arterial blood clots

 Increased memory and mental ability

 Prevent osteoarthritis

 Improves the heart function

 Prevent cancer

 Better sexual performance

 Lower the diabetic insulin need

 Reduces the varicose veins

Arterial clearance therapy is safe, non toxic substance used in these therapies. Experiment of medicine on animals makes it about 3.5 times less toxic than aspirin. American College of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) I.V. ACT therapy is more than 300 times safer than BYPASS (CABG) surgery.

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