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Everybody is a born Genius !

Let the child in you start Tinkering !

Everybody is a born Genius !

Wednesday February 01, 2017,

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Everybody is a born genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree then it will live its whole life thinking it was stupid.

These are the words of Albert Einstein. In this age of competition everyone is indulged in surpassing others. Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to make science projects. But rarely do I remember getting some homework related to that. Even today when I see the school system that is still the same. Students are being taught science like a history chapter. Science is not something that can be taught by books. Sure books help but they are not sufficient enough. I have seen students complaining that since they are interested in commerce, arts so Science is not for them. Even in TV series Friends (If you have seen), Ross the science guy has been shown the GEEK GUY. But is it science we are talking here.

I am sure that you guys must have some of your favorite songs that you listen to. Have you been forced to listen those songs? Have you mugged up that song just to look smart among your friends? Off Couse not! You learned that song because you liked it. So needs to be the case with science. Science is nothing but an art of getting into knowing some stuff. It’s the part of you that always behaves like a child and seeks to now the reasons behind everything. Till the time when we keep on teaching science a subject oriented towards getting better grades, it’s never going to happen. The problem is not with the chapters but the way they are being taught. While teaching universe to the students just ask them what are its dimensions. This will not only make them interested in that chapter but will motivate them to research further.

Giving workshops across many schools in India when I ask the teachers if they have seen a bulb glow , I was shocked to learn that not even a single one of them ever say that. I don’t doubt their academic skills, they all know their subjects well , know the equations and laws involved but never had the opportunity to perform those activities while teaching in class. And science is something just needs to get started and it will flow like water. For example just give a toy to a child and ask him to play with it. To your surprise he will invent a dozen of games using that toy and believe you me , some may be the ones that you also never thought. The same goes for science, just show them some teaching aids and explain them the concept rest CURIOSITY can take care off.

No matter how much you learn car driving, even if you get into a driving school and work on the so called hi-tech simulators, you will never be a good driver until unless you drive a car by yourself. The same applies for science. Until and unless you perform the science it’s not going to percolate in your neurons. What is science then?

To me it’s the spark in the child’s eye when he sees a bulb light.
It is the restless in that child when you don’t answer his doubt.
It’s the madness which forces him to open the science toys.
It’s the child in him that encourages him to ask STUPID questions

Thanks to the Tinkering Labs and Srjna that the same science culture is getting back in India. Learning will no longer be boring , indeed its going to be fun. 

Tinkering Lab Workshop by Srjna 

Tinkering Lab Workshop by Srjna 


Chandan Ganotra
Research and Development (K10 Education)