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9 best job search websites in India

Choose the best job portal for you to facilitate the job search and find your dream job faster! Don’t waste time on the suspicious services – check the reliable ones. 

9 best job search websites in India

Thursday December 14, 2017,

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Did you know that in 2016 India's unemployment rate was 8%? This is a feedback of the weak economy, which is trying to overcome a difficult period. That’s the problem for Indian job seekers. The solution lies in being the competitive representative of the job market and noticeable to the reputable recruiters.

The next question: how to do it? Firstly, you should create a catchy and winning CV that matches your industry. For instance, if you are a retailer, you should produce a CV according to the requirements of the retailing industry, it might be a good idea to use these tips for good retail CV, as it is your opportunity to create a better document.

The Pros and Cons of India-based Job Websites

Most Indians are looking for India-based job websites. Currently, we don’t take into account those, who simply want to move to India and looks for jobs there. Still, even these people make one common mistake. Even worldwide job search portals such as Indeed or Career Builder might offer vacancies in other countries including India. Sometimes they are even better paid than those that Naukri or Shine offer.

Therefore, don’t exclude worldwide popular job search portals from your list and check them out for the relevant job offers. Some of the websites below have consulting services that will direct you to the right job offers!

Keep on reading to find the reliable job search websites for Indians with plenty of job ads.


1. Monster

Monster is a well-known website for job seekers around the world including Indian citizens. It has a well-developed and extended network of Indian recruiters and job seekers. Both employers and potential employees have a wide choice of opportunities.

2. Naukri

The next website for job search is Naukri. It’s one of the oldest and the largest portals for employers and job seekers. It was launched in 1997 and became the biggest job website in India according to ratings and reviews. Thousands of Indians trust this website and consider it the most influential portal ever.

Unlike many other resources, Naukri is developing. Recently, it has launched two additional directions dedicated to marriage and real estate.

If you are looking for the portal that specializes in Indian industries, this is what you came for.

3. NaukriHub

NaukriHub is the product of the original Naukri. The job search platform helps to find jobs and employees in northern parts of India. It covers a huge number of jobs exactly in northern regions. Therefore, its citizens become a working platform for finding a well-paid job.

4. TimesJobs

The next powerful job search engine in India is TimesJobs. This India-based job portal has a great number of jobs in different fields. Furthermore, you can place your CV and, probably, the recruiter will notice you!

5. CareerJet

CareerJet is a worldwide resource with the simple and affordable interface. It has more than 1,500,000 of job offers that, theoretically, would provide jobs for 50% of the unemployed India population. This resource attracts users with a convenient interface and friendly atmosphere.

6. CareerAge

Another old and large resource is CareerAge that was launched in 1999. It also offers thousands of jobs from different fields.

7. FresherWorld

This job portal was designed for so-called freshmen – young job seekers. The recruiters mostly don’t require high-developed skills and outstanding experience. Therefore, the competitors look for the job under equal conditions. There are also tools and programs to improve the qualification and learn skills to become a tempting candidacy.

8. Placement India

This resource occupies leadership positions in the list of the Best Job Search Websites in India 2017. More than 12 million of job seekers use a help of this portal. It cooperates with 160000 corporate clients and has a well-developed network of companies that offer jobs.

9. Shine

Shine offers more than 300,000 of jobs in India. It one of the leading job portals both for job seekers and recruiters. It works for different industries and cooperates with the most reputable companies in India. The impact of this portal for the job search is huge.

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