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4 Signs that you are shopping with a Safe Online Shopping Website

4 Signs that you are shopping with a Safe Online Shopping Website

Tuesday October 31, 2017,

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Almost a decade ago, even the idea of online shopping was ridiculed. The rise of online shopping websites within India’s fast paced and astronomically growing e-commerce space has transformed this once distant dream into a reality today. Online shopping sites apart from helping you shop from the confines of your home also offer discounts that are too good to resist. To protect customer info and maintain privacy, online shopping websites have several security measures in place, however, security is still a major concern for Indian consumers when shopping online. To help address this issue, the post lists some signs to consider when shopping with an online shopping site. Take a look.

1. No pop-up ads

Pop-up ads are intrusive and annoying, which is why customers hate them, and reputable online shopping websites know this. Top online shopping sites never display pop-up ads as they may run the risk of losing customers. Phony pop-up ads, many times, direct the user to rogue websites designed to steal their personal info, which is why it is a good idea to log out immediately if an online website displays ads.

2. The Site has a Privacy Statement

Reputable sites are transparent in their operations and will not hold back any info about their data sharing policy. Top online shopping sites have a privacy statement that explains in detail the measures (such as data encryption) taken by the retailer to protect customer info, and whether they share data with third parties.

3. The Site has a Verifiable Address and Contact Number

Reputable retailers have an office address and a contact number that they display on their website. When shopping with a retailer for the first time, it is a good idea to verify the contact details. To ensure that you are not shopping with a phony website, call on the number provided on the website.

4. The Site Accepts Credit Cards

Credit cards are harder to crack as compared to debit cards, and can help avoid data theft issues. An online shopping website accepting credit cards had to apply to banking companies for approval, which validates their reputation and credibility. Stay away from websites that ask for checks or debit card numbers.


This festive season before going into a shopping frenzy, look for these signs when choosing an online shopping website.  Go through online reviews and look for sites where other buyers share their shopping experience. Look for websites with a secure and encrypted connection and make sure the website address starts from https and there is a lock at the top left of the browser. Click on the lock to get certificate details.