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Brew-A-Web is a platform for all small to mid sized cafes, bistros, resto bars, bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops, food joints of Navi Mumbai & Thane


Friday August 26, 2016,

3 min Read

Brew-A-Web : Your Story. Your Way

What started as small discussions with various cafe owners at their coffee shops, bistros and resto-bars on lazy weekends gave us a big insight. All these cafes, bistros and resto-bars have one thing in common. It is their "Story". Many of them started just after they came out of their B-school, some went through lots of hardships to understand where their interest lie, some left their secured and fat paycheck job only for the love of food, some had to prove something to someone, some even had sad story to narrate. Unfortunately, this competitive world left their stories of struggle to the mercy of review and ratings. Most of the aggregator websites do not do justice to them and they just become listings of the food portals. "Yeh sab ne toh hum logon ko numbery banake rakh diya" remorse some. Some have different take to it "Ghoshji koi toh humare bare mein sochta hi nahi" . Some felt that there had been too much of unnecessary bad reviews without any reasons (some people literally cheat - end of the meal they meticulously place hair or something on the plate and demand full new plate or refuse to pay) and if you don't succumb to their demand they will ill mouth you on prominent review and rating sites. "Tridib ji, a big coffee shop doesn't bother or they have the backing and money to counter that, give free meals. But small bistros like us cannot afford to. And this is a huge loss in our business. Once a customer is out, he/she is gone for ever.

Thus, was born "Brew-A-Web" based on 3P principle ( Positive Promotional Platform) . A platform that only gives positive word of mouth about the cafes to invigorate footfalls and boost their sales. No wrong reviews. No brickbats. Only imparting their stories from their own mouth. So what's there for the end customers? 1) This platform makes them aware of even the smallest of bistro somewhere round the corner which serves amazing Pizza or a CAD B 2) They get amazing discount vouchers from the platform which they can redeem on their visit to the cafes or bistros. More they visit, more they get discounts which immediately ensures that the cafes get continuous footfalls and the customers get to taste good food and drinks at a good discount. 

"It's a win -win game for both the cafes / small time eateries and the customers. Brew-a-web let people talk, both cafe/bistro owners and customers. Here we have real customers, real testimonials. I know from my days with R K Swamy BBDO (where I was partner to their digital and interactive hub), the pain of these SMEs and how their entire business lies on a thin string yet they add a huge value to India's GDP. This sector cannot go in loss. Surprisingly, we are seeing a lot of demand from bakeries and patisseries units too. And some of them are housewives who either are crafting awesome 2D/ 3D cakes or carrying out workshops from their homes. In-fact our first 5 enlisted bistros/ cafes/ bakeries are run by women. We never have thought of this. More power to Women!" -Tridib signs off.

image is a thoughtinteract initiative where Tridib Ghosh is the founder Director and CCO.