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Market Your E-commerce Store With One Hour Strategy

Tuesday October 17, 2017,

3 min Read

When you create an e-commerce store to increase your business then it is not enough only to create it. It is more important to promote it. Because if you are not promoting your store then no one can know about your business. To increase your brand visibility online you need to promote your store.

Here are some easy tips with which you can easily promote your store without wasting your time:

Create your content in 20 minutes. We know Google loves long-form content and in 20 minutes that is not possible that we can write quality and long content. So you can daily write 20 minutes and within 3-5 days you can complete your content. If you use this trick then you don’t need to spend your one day hour on your content. And publish one quality content in a week is better than publishing 3-4 content that is not qualitative. So give your 20 minutes in the day to write the content for your e-commerce store.

Research your niche sites or articles to get something new. If you research daily then you have more new ideas about your creating content. And you have a schedule to writing. Only writing is not enough you need to check your content readability. If it is between 70 to 90 then it is good means a 6th class standard student easily read your content and understand. But if it is less then you have to rewrite your content again and again for better writing.

Always ready a backlog content to post. With 20 minutes scheduled, you write a complete blog in 3 to 5 days. So always save your monthly content on google drive and another place for saving.

Now you have ready content so share your content. You can schedule your content if you have backlog content. Scheduling your post content helps you to save your time and automatically post if you use WordPress, blogger etc.

Give 15 minutes daily for your link building strategy. That means link building is most important for our site DA and ranking. SO one easy formula checks the backlinks related to your niche and copies them. Check from where they get backlinks and use the same strategy for that. You can use many tools to do that.

Give 15 minutes to your social marketing strategy. And here is the same thing you can apply. Surely care about quality, not quantity. Share your product info but with new and cool stiff information. Make balance in your posts. Share something trending and interesting on your page that visitors like. Don’t think too much just post which helps you to get more engagement and interesting too.

Give time for PR (10 minutes). PR is best to help you about your business. And if you are not good to write PR then don’t worry look other company’s PR and learn from them. You can read that how to write an effective PR. If you get good reviews from there then it helps to boost your sales.

Work smarter not harder, you can promote your business one hour in the day but with focus and quality. It is a deeper strategy and if you learn it you can easily save your time and also promote your business. Research daily something new and apply that in your marketing. This one hour definitely boosts your online sales.