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Bigger is better-Fashion Tips on How to Dress To Accentuate Your Beautiful Full-Figure Body

Thursday March 02, 2017,

3 min Read

Listen up! Just because you are bigger than what others portray (falsely) to be the average size does not mean you need to fade into the background with oversize tents that have no shape or color. You are beautiful as you are, and just like other women, you only need a few pointers to accentuate that beauty and bring out who you are on the inside. Therefore, here are a few tips for you lovely larger girls:

Keep it Monochromatic

Here’s the deal, wearing different nuances of the same color from top to toe is the quickest way to look longer and leaner. You see, by wearing the same color you direct the eye up and down as opposed to side to side when you wear contrasting colors. If you feel bored with this concept, understand that you can wear any color you want and you can add pops of contrasting colors in your shoes and accessories.

If you are tall, you can hack the contrasting colors but just make sure you add something that direct the eye up and down like a long pendant necklace.

Up and down

You need to keep the observer’s eye moving up and down rather than side to side to take the emphasis off your size. Apart from the monochromatic look, you can do this by wearing clothes that have strong vertical detailing like zip fronts or pleats to vertical knit patterns. You can get these in various sizes at affordable wholesale prices from stores.


V-necks are the most flattering neckline on virtually any body type but especially for bigger girls. It has a way of making your body look longer and thinner. If you have smaller shoulders, go for a rounded V-neck then get a vertical pendant to emphasize the slimming effect.

Right fit

I know you want to hide a way in large clothes but that is not flattering at all. Similarly, smaller clothes are also not a show of confidence in your size…they just make you look bad and certainly, much bigger. Getting the right fit for your body is critical so take your time and befriend a tailor who can take in some clothes that need a little adjusting to fit you well.

Nipped outfits

Emphasizing your waist is the easiest way to make you look much smaller and to create an alluring hourglass shape. If you have a wider waist, get clothes nipped at your natural waist but if you have a fuller mid-section, stick with the empire waist look that is nipped just below your bust rather than at the waist.

Dress according to scale

You can wear anything as long as you choose their scale according to your size. For instance, you should wear larger jewelry, larger print and bigger bags because smaller options will make you look bigger. If you have smaller features like slim feet or a smaller bust, you can wear smaller pieces but overall, go large scale to make you look smaller.

And there you have it! Just make sure you get good undergarments and you will certainly look as beautiful as you really are.