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Factors deciding the cost of mobile app development

“What would the cost of app development?”, “Hey! Can you tell me what’sthe average cost of app development?”. 

Factors deciding the cost of mobile app development

Thursday July 19, 2018,

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These are some of the most common question thrown at us of all time. And to be honest, there isn’t a definite answer to it, while mobile app development is a boon to many industries, the cost is one of the major setbacks too. Manier time an enterprise owner might think that mobile app development is quite costly and so is maintaining it. 


But it is, in fact, something which is highly contingent on your requirements. The “it depends” reply actually is true and beholds multiple facets which determine the cost of mobile app development. Thus, here we are outlining some of the major factors that decide the cost of an efficient mobile app development.

Features and functionality

There are a number of reasons, why chalking out the features and functionality of an app is the first thing we recommend to our clients. It helps us to be more precise of your needs and determine the cost of mobile app development solutions we would employ. For an instance, an app with basic requirements of features will definitely be less expensive than an app with must-have features such as GPS/ location, chat/ messaging, in-app purchase functionality etc. Also, one of the best ways to bypass these expenses you can seek 3rd Party Integrations, which substantially reduces the cost of development and time needed to code each feature.

Number of screens

The more you add screens in your application, the more work is needed in design and user experience, also tagging along is the need of determining navigation ways in an app. Which is not only time consuming but also requires intensive coding, increasing the development time and the cost of development.

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Database support is another thing that has evolved over time, people are planning more and more data-driven content to provide then better user-experience through their mobile applications. Manier times it is seen mobile development company recommend a database to support your application when you are required to add or edit data on regular basis. Consider the database as an interacting bridge between your system and user where it helps a user to efficiently perform various operations like adding, reviewing, uploading, retrieving data etc.

On another hand, it is also something costly, the setting up of the database and making it efficient is not only a challenge to developers but also costly. Consider the cost of hosting and storing data to enhance and launch an efficient program.

Content management system

It is no wonder content is the king, the new digital marketing tactics are proving it right. And thus, it is very likely that you would seek control of the content and ability to add, edit data to provide a better content-driven experience to your users. An efficient CMS system is a must-have in today’s brutal competition, it allows you to eliminate the complexities of directly editing data which requires technical expertise. An active CMS system help you modify data instantly with an easy to use interface, making your data updation much easy.


Android and iOS are the biggest mobile app development platforms, and there are multiple companies providing mobile app development solutions on them. But, the major question is, how does a platform determine the cost of mobile app development? There are a number of other decisions to be taken, is their app based on iOS, does it have to run on android too, will it be hybrid or cross-platform mobile application etc.

Also, android app development requires more work than iOS, it has many handsets currently running in the market and more to make their debut and the major complexity is handling their diverse screen-sizes and operating systems. Thus, testing of the android apps require a great amount of testing and also, thus increasing the cost of development of an android application.


There are apps that run strictly on tablets and there are apps that run on both tablets and handset with different screen sizes and smaller than a tablet. Thus, when you have an app planned to develop for both smartphones and tablets, you must discuss it intensively with the mobile app development company for optimization of an app for a larger screen which includes the larger icon, larger text box, better resolution display and much more.

Server Costs

The setting server is an important aspect of developing an app that is data-driven and has an integrated database system. It helps your app to leverage the benefits of cloud services such as data storage that solves your data security and enterprise scalability problem to an extent. Many services like Amazon Cloud Services and others offer servers at an economic cost and allow you to pay for the time spent on the server and bandwidth in transferring the data to the server.

Developer Licenses

Last but not the least, in order to release your app, you have to buy developers licenses from different app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Which can cost you from £16 a year to £79.


Cost is a very important aspect of mobile app development. Despite all the boom and positively received mobile app development has gotten over this time, it is still very difficult for businesses with the small budget to cope with the cost. The best way to do is, to know what is really important to fit in your app. Despite getting all overwhelmed with the trends, you must entirely focus on your vision of developing your app. You must determine the features and standards that are irrevocably important to put in your app. Also, there are many ways to reduce the cost by leveraging the benefits from 3rd party integration to a level. But at the same quality does matter too.