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The story of a solo female traveler Behind her own travel venture

How travelling solo helped me start my own travel venture

Saturday June 18, 2016,

4 min Read

Being a Woman, travelling solo was never a cake walk for me especially if you have chosen to travel in India. At the age of 23, when I made a decision to travel solo, I was aware of the difficulties, questions and judgments of society. Initially, I couldn't tell my parents as well that I was travelling solo as I knew the reactions. However I started travelling solo in different parts of India. I trekked solo to snow-capped mountains, wandered in remote villages and met amazing souls throughout my solo journey. My solo travel journey taught me various aspects of life. It helped me to realise the importance of positive healthy life. 

I was swinging somewhere between my secured corporate job and passion of travelling. A desktop job had slowly started eating my energy so I started travelling more to overcome my negative thoughts. I started writing my personal travel blogs and within a short span of time, I started getting messages, followers and appreciation for my blogs. I knew that I was not made for a corporate job as I had become another robot. I used to write travel blogs during my office hours also as I had completely lost interest in my job. In the month of January, I again went to Gujarat for another solo trip. This was the last time where I submitted my an application for leave. On the last day of the month, I simply quit. Yes I quit my secure MNC job without considering any backup options. On my last day, I was simply happy about one thing that I was no longer a part of this corporate life. I didn't knew what was next. I just had one month's salary which I again used to travel solo to another part of India. After travelling to Dharamshala-Mcleodganj- Satara- Igatpuri-Bir-Kasol-Tosh-Malana-Manali-Ahmadabad-Bhuj-Rann of Kutch-Agra- Mathura- Vrindavan-Amritsar, the idea of creating "Womaniya on Roadtrips" hit my mind. Being a traveller, I was completely against a touristy way of travelling. I wanted people to explore local culture, cuisines,hidden villages, breathtaking mountains and beautiful lakes through Womaniya on Roadtrips. In the month of March, I started with Womaniya on Roadtrips through a Facebook page. I was amused with the response I received from people without running any advertising campaign. 

It has been five months, Womaniya on Roadtrips has completed four trips successfully in Maharashtra, Spiti Valley & Kasol-Kheerganga. Womaniya is planning to cover Himachal Pradesh & North-east this year with the aim of completing 10 trips in this year. Being a girl of 24 years, I often face challenges when people ask questions like "You are a 24 year-old female, will you able to take care of people? There are always trust issues, however, I am heading fearlessly towards my dreams. I am travelling with a bunch of people every month to show them the real beauty of travelling. Now my parents know that I travel solo and they proudly support my dreams. Womaniya on Roadtrips is my identity where I am playing each role in terms of travel writer, tour guide & handling marketing, creatives etc etc. 

Womaniya on Roadtrips mainly focusses on planning tours with a small group of people where people can interact with each other and have a good travel experience. Being the founder, I personally travel with my each group where I share my travel stories and introduce them to a new way of travelling. It's not an easy job as I meet several people with diverse expectations. However, I enjoy when I see people falling in love with the Womaniya way of travelling. 

This is was my story behind Womaniya on Roadtrips. Travel once with this female travel guide to experience travel in her own beautiful way. 

Please like my page to join Womaniya to achieve your travel goals - //